The invite welcomed us to celebrate "the successful completion of two years for Lisaa School of Design in India on 1st of May, 2013, at The Courtyard, The Crescent at the Qutub" ......  It further read ... "The event will showcase reputed designer Nitin Bal Chauhan’s label Bhootsavaar’s latest collection ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ who will also be guiding Lisaa students in gaining a broader perspective on the integration of various fields of design. Lisaa 2.0 is also an exhibition of Nitin’s work with the students as they explore the various facades of design found in our everyday lives. Through a range of creative workshops, Nitin will be guiding Lisaa students in gaining a broader perspective on the integration of various fields of design. This and more will be displayed as the numerous design fields of fashion, interiors and graphics come together with Nitin to share the same space for the night." ..... Well i was quite curious .... first because this was the first time we were invited by a Design School .... second Lisaa School Of Design, though 2 years old in India has a 30 year old legacy from France ... third Nitin Bal Chauhan (NBC) is not just a fashion designer, but A Designer dabbling in the myriad creative fields of Design from Millinery to Accessories to Product to Industrial to Film making ( yes he is into all the big 3 F's - Fashion, Film, Fine Arts) ... and the fourth most important reason, with 2 years under their belt, the first batch from Lisaa has been well marinated in design aesthetics and commercial training to put their first foot forward into the business of Fashion .... yes make no mistake dear readers .... Fashion is a business ... a most cut throat business .... if you are not creative enough to make money, all your design creativity is for nought really ... and that is the whole truth !! ... Initially i thought of just writing about the collection presented, but then i realized that this post will most probably be read by the students, and they deserve the unvarnished truth from a fashion media perspective as they will soon be subjected to opinions of the fashion press in the near future which will not necessarily be kind .... so here goes :)

The Collection :

"Like a Rolling Stone" is a collection inspired by a nomad for whom there is no place called home or rather every place is home. Gypsy inspired silhouettes and treatment wrapped in Neo Goth styling form the look of the collection. Techniques like hand painting, structured pleating, ruching, surface embellishments impart a hand crafted element to the collection. Distressed seams, frayed hemlines, de-construction are elementary. A mix and match of fabrics, colors, techniques and silhouettes add a nomadic flavour to the collection. Combining structure with fluidity, soft with harsh, dull with extreme neon brights add an interesting feature of placing extreme contrasts together. - Press Release.

The name of the collection fits in with the theme of a nomad ... so basically with a name like that you can throw in whatever style or treatment that catches your fancy .... NBC is known for his Goth Punk streetwear inspired clothing and his equally punk accessories and styling ... he is also known for his extensive taste in music and "Like a Rolling Stone" is an obvious reference to Bob Dylan's legendary hit of the same name ... 
"How does it feel ?
How does it feel ?
To be without a home ?
Like a complete unknown ?
Like a rolling stone ?"
So what a press release does is obviously give pointers about what to expect from a collection ... at first glance a fashion writer would think ... OK this is what NBC usually does ... so what's new ? .... of course it helps that in recent fashion events like the Oscar of fashion ..the annual Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, the theme was being PUNK: Chaos to Couture ... so obviously the collection is on trend ... but NBC has been doing it for a long time including his eye poppingly creative headgear ... so on first contact with the Media, the Press Release doesn't really excite .... this is a very crucial first contact of a design collection .... and the best way to learn the Art of designing a Press Release is to read as many as you can on the net and see what excites you or else compile your own collection of Press Releases from established Fashion Weeks .... give us a story to write about, let us into your dream and vision, apart from the cut and dried explanations ... also please do spell - check religiously (most of the content publishing syndicates will publish a Press Release as it is, so imagine your label spread out on the Web with spelling mistakes ad infinitum) .... the above Press Release had spelling mistakes ... there will be many who may not notice ... but then there will be many like us who will :p

The Presentation :

Fashion Designer Anu of Annu and Amrit

Augustine Shimray of Featherheads

Like a Rolling Stone from Bhootsavaar

Nitin Bal Chauhan

Fashion Designer Ritu Kumar

Sarabjit Singh, Bikram Bawa, Laurent Guichoux from Lisaa

Bikram Bawa and Dimpy Kapur

Dimpy Kapur from Delhi Style Blog and Nupur Dayal from Joos.In

NBC used the Bhootsavaar Facebook page to hold an audition for "funky people to walk the ramp" for the event .... so naturally we expected to see real people on the ramp .... which is so much fun and exciting ... it is always illuminating to see designer creations as it would look on different body types ... the venue, the lighting, the seating, the pre show cocktails were super ... the hosts for the evening ..Bikram Bawa and Sarabjit Singh from the Lisaa India team circulated and hosted to perfection ...  The Courtyard at Qutub Crescent, provided the perfect backdrop for the presentation ... it was a smashing production and therein lies the strength of NBC as a multi talented designer .... since it was not an elevated runway ... the spot lights did a magic job of highlighting the clothes, accessories and make up without infringing on the psychedelic laser show which created the perfect ambiance for the Neo Goth looks sported by the faculty, students, designer and music fraternity that walked the ramp ... the show was curated with the vision of a film director who had confidence in his actors impromptu self expression of punk ness to the wild cheering of the audience and a soundtrack of mean cutting edge medley of House, Trance, Hip Hop and Bass ... Augustine Shimray of Featherheads ( DJ, Tattooist, Model, Performer) really was the poster boy for Bhoot Savaar .... The show ended with the entire production team grooving to the beats of Dutch house Hip Hop ... "Harlem Shake" by Bauer :)))) ..... Lisaa students are lucky to have NBC as their mentor :) .... They will learn how to creatively produce shows and curate their designs from an Artist .... however NBC is not the person to learn media handling from ... which is also a very important part of the business .... he is a darling, but so reticent ... and in this increasingly net savvy generation ... the crafting of a brand image and its communication is preciously important ... and even more critical to success is to have a very sharp eye for Media Influencers ... none of the students present took advantage of the opportunity to interact with the press .... and the Media list was quite an impressive one .... an institution such as Lisaa will only facilitate the opputunities which they did ... curiosity for the world you are stepping into is very imperative and has to be self propelled !!

Lisaa School of Design :

Lisaa School of Design, Gurgaon Campus

Lisaa is a premier French design school based on founding principles of French design and aesthetics with multiple schools located in Paris, Nantes, Rennes and Strasbourg, and recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture in France. Lisaa School of Design, India is here to foster a new generation of designers that bear testament to this learning and guiding principle based on an awareness of leadership in design, architecture, fashion and highly evolved and sophisticated aesthetic sensibility which will be nurtured in each and every student.
Lisaa School of Design brings these principles of design excellence, with course content as well as teacher training regulated by Lisaa France, in addition to a unique thirty year old legacy of design education to India, giving Indian students an opportunity to learn from the latest international trends in design and education. In India, Lisaa School of Design established its first institute in 2011 in Gurgaon. This has been followed by the recent launch of its second institute in Bangalore in March 2013.

LISAA School of Design, France and India, has been listed amongst the top 50 members of the prestigious Cumulus Association. A unique approach to the applied arts promotes creativity and facilitates experimentation and by reinterpreting design principles, students are able to develop a fresh perspective on design. The School has a well enriched international faculty base where the top most are from France itself to ensure international exposureand special efforts have been made to see that the faculty comes with a ready industry experience. Additionally through workshops, seminars, and video conference lectures with France, students are exposed to world class ideas and trends as an integral part of their degrees in fashion, interior and graphic which are UGC recognized.

Lisaa School of Design is here to lift the standards of design education in the country to an international level with world class standards of educational infrastructure for unique courses that provide candidates with the optimum international platforms to make them the skilled design professionals of tomorrow. The School partners with world renowned universities and over 50 design schools globally. In addition, it has an association with prominent brands like Euro Disney, BNP Paribas, LVMH, Saatchi & Saatchi, and Christian Dior among others that contribute to the experience and teaching at the school in addition to offering placements and internships to students.

Dimpy is wearing a shrug jacket from Doodlage, orange sheath dress from Bebe, accessorized with hand bag from Galliano and shoes from Topshop. Hope you enjoyed our post, thank you for a fun evening Lisaa, Sahiba, Kirti and Karan.



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you for swinging by Augustine :)

  2. Thanks for your honest review Dimpy. Will keep in mind for our next. I am glad you enjoyed our show.

    1. It was super ... cheers !! ... Thanks for visiting :)

  3. The information in your blog is very informative. Keep up the good work.
    WLCI School of advertising and graphic design is fast shaping premier advertising college in India. WLCI Graphic Design Course offers courses in visual communication and advertising and graphic design.


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