So we have completed one year of the blog today .... and its been such a journey .... to even try to recap the past year is sheer madness .... so as Chief Story Teller of the blog, i am going to share the story of us now .... as we are ....... In many ways it is also the story of the rise of blogging in Delhi, the capital city of India, where we are based ..... Of course there have been bloggers before when we started .... but these pioneering people were known only to a limited circle until Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest burst in a phenomenal manner on a generation who started on the social media game a few years back in school and reached college in the last 2 years .... They had time to finally document the urban global consumer life around them .... and all of a sudden .... like it happened before in the other parts of the online world .... brands and corporates woke up to the fact that here is a generation who would trust the independent voice of online blogs than get influenced by ads in print and on TV, merely because these "online media" came from amongst them, is one of them, is as much a consumer like them, .... in comparison to "paid content" from advertisers, or "editorial control" in a traditional print medium ..... It is no secret that India is one of the fastest growing digital markets in the world ..... and we at DSB has just about stopped explaining who or what is a Fashion and Lifestyle Blog to most people here :) .... Welcome to our world and story !!

Fashion Blog Delhi India
Dimpy Kapur, Shima Ahmad, Aanchal Sukhija, Akanksha Chauhan, Delhi Style Blog

The rise of "Online shopping in India saw 128 per cent growth in interest from the consumers in the year 2011 to 2012 in comparison to only 40 per cent growth in 2010 to 2011 .... making 2012 the tipping point for online shopping in India." ( source ) 
"India’s base of about 120 million Internet users is currently the third-largest in the world .... Though India’s users spend less time online per capita than users in developed countries, their pattern of online behaviour is rapidly converging ....  The Internet’s role in communication, social networking, and informing and influencing India’s consumers in categories such as apparel, books, financial services, and travel .... is already comparable with that of developed countries .....  India is likely to have the second-largest user base in the world, and the largest in terms of incremental growth, with 330 million to 370 million Internet users in 2015 ....  Given current downward trends in the costs of Internet access and mobile devices, India is on the verge of an Internet boom .... In an evolution pattern unique to India, users who access the Internet only through a mobile or tablet device will constitute around 75 percent of new users and 55 percent of the aggregate user base in 2015 .... leading to increasing demand for content that is optimised for the small screen." ( source )

If you are wondering, why are we giving you such hi funda seriousness on our anniversary post today .... here are the reasons .... If you have read through what we have shared above .... you will understand our story better .... Last year we started this blog because i had just returned from my studies abroad and Blogging was already an established scene in London .... I was lucky enough to work in London Fashion Week and observed first hand the impact of Online Influencers in the realms of Fashion and Lifestyle ... i still remember seeing blogger Susanna Lau (famously known as Susie Bubble in her blog Style Bubble) at LFW .... she was a celebrity but not an air kissing one .... beneath her really crazy humongous space age black sunglasses, she kept an impassive face where you couldn't make out what she was thinking or feeling .... except when she picked up her camera at random moments to click something that caught her attention .... and her attention shared on her blog and printed daily in the LFW newsletter at Somerset House (principal venue of London Fashion Week, just like our Pragati Maidan for Wills India Fashion Week) .... influenced traditional fashion media in their news report for their publications !! .... Blogging since 2006, this year, a week back, the famous blogger was provided a Rolls Royce with a driver, by the car company, to chauffeur her to the the front rows of London Fashion Week ! .... prompting another phenomenally influential blogger Imran Amed of Business of Fashion to post "Is Fashion Week for sale ?" .... Hahaha ..... Coincidentally i met Imran at India Bridal Fashion Week recently .... and as i was gushing about the sheer brilliance and influence of his outstanding blog Business of Fashion .... he was equally curious about the local bloggers in Delhi .... When he saw that i had a photographer with me .... he exclaimed "oh when i started, we had to do our own photography".... i explained to him that DSB is a bunch of people, not one, and we are non commercial .... as in our photographer is a unpaid contributor like the rest of us on the blog :) .... so how is blogging in Delhi really like ??? 

We can't say that we have "Blogger Celebs" in Delhi ..... most bloggers in the Fashion and Lifestyle segment mostly do their own thing .... and brands and the PR firms who manages the brands publicity are just about jumping into the whole social media thing where they try to rope in "bloggers" as a namesake representative of the word "Online Media" .... they don't really give a damn about your blog .... all they want is your attendance at some crazily organized event with monkey food and peanuts with juice if you are lucky .... and then they expect you to write or "blog" about it .... There are roughly 3 categories of such events :

1. Bloggers Meet by Store Brands PR Agency
The PR's call these events "Bloggers Meet" .... what really happens is that you are invited along with a couple of other bloggers .... if you say that you cannot come because of travel difficulties .... they send you a taxi which will meander all over town and pick up a few more people and get you to the venue ... At the venue/store there will be really tiny bite size pieces of bakery/sandwiches/biscuits in one corner ..... you look at the clothes, catch up with your fellow bloggers .... click a few pics .... receive a "goody bag" of mostly useless stuff you don't want (rings, necklace, trinkets, neck scarf, what not which you as a shopper will not touch with a bargepole, leave alone buy) and which you can either keep or use to run a contest on your blog, ..... where it is mandatory to "like" the Facebook page of the brand and the blog running the contest, first !! .... after that you better go into hiding until you publish "something" about the "Bloggers Meet" because the PR hounding will start .... "are you publishing it ? when please?" ... repeatedly .... These type of meet is a cakewalk for the "Experienced Bloggers" .... they publish "something" OR "anything" ...... "Something" is when maybe you liked 3 things in the entire store and decide to be honest and write about that, implying by the featured 3 pieces, that the entire collection is likeable ...... "Anything" is when you "copy / paste" PR post event releases on your blog changing the sequence of the sentences ..... Really, .... the quality of content doesn't matter .... the PR's expectations are met when anything more than "nothing" is published and they can put the number of "Bloggers who covered the event" in a neat pile and show it to the brand they work for ... Finito !!! .... Now for a "Newbie Blogger" ..... these type of meets are a source of headache .... because they are new to the game, so they MUST SHINE ..... show the world their informed opinion .... even if it means praising a bunch of shitass clothing they wouldn't buy to wipe their floors with .... even if it means inventing trends to fit the trendless brands !! .... The headache happens not because they MUST GIVE THEIR OPINIONS .... that is easy !! .... but because in your Blogger Sisterhood (hardly any males in these meets) .... everyone knows you are TRYING TOO HARD TO OPINE .... and the only way to redeem your respect among your fellow sisters is to fast cut down on the bullshit and adopt the modus operandi of the "something" or "anything" type of blog posts.

2. Bloggers Invite for a Designer Store Launch or Fashion Designer Collection Launch
These are cocktail invites that sometimes come via email, but mostly through snazzy looking physical invites to your personal address .... Most Delhi bloggers start with the hi street Store events mentioned above .... Once your name has picked up popularity .... or you are lucky to be a "photogenic physically attractive pretty young thing" .... or you are a "socially or journalistically well connected / rich brat big brand designer shopaholic" .... you graduate to these kind of invites .... but very few make it here .... because you gotta be as well dressed as the well heeled folks attending these do's .... you gotta be an expert AIR KISSER and NAME DROPPER RECOGNIZER ..... you gotta ooh and aah over OBVIOUSLY GARISH MAKE UP AND FAKE DESIGNER BAGS AND SHOES .... bottom line is you gotta be AS FAKE AS YOU GET ..... and oh yes you gotta know your brand names duh !! .... and it really helps if you know your "kamdani badla zardozi" because your grandmother understood the power of vintage in pre independent India and has left you a trousseau chest as inheritance .... or you have spent an obscene amount of pounds or dollars on a foreign fashion education rather than the desi NIFT  .... or you are a bottle blonde/ overheard gossip/ gay gay friendly(best fash sororities)/ social media typist ...... If you do not identify with any of the above categories, Blogger invites to such do's are pretty tough .... and even if you land at one ..... please show up with a camera !!..... Remember ..... YOU are not one of them "guests" .... you are a celebrity photog who will publish their mug shot with some inane words (copy/paste from PR post event mail) .... once you internalize the fact that YOU HAVE THE POWER TO PUBLISH ...... you will feel very confident at such do's and will no doubt attract lot of beaming benevolent PEOPLE WHO MATTER ..... who might just commission your FIRST PAID POST on the blog ..... heheheh ;) ....( best part of the deal is that you don't need to disclose it as a paid post to anyone) :D

3. Fashion Show Invite during Fashion Week
These are the holy grail of Blogger Invites ..... because by the time you get these invites .... YOU HAVE A HONOURABLE REPUTATION ..... therefore your ass is fit enough to sit on the front row ..... you also get to attend the preview of the collections and backstage fittings ..... That is prime meat for blogs .... you are no more giving your plebeian opinion ..... YOU ARE PRONOUNCING A VERDICT .... YOUR OPINION MATTERS ..... therefore you are wooed, ushered, escorted to proffer your considerably knowledgeable observation ..... even a mere TWEET will do ..... or an INSTAGRAM POSE WITH THE DESIGNER ..... heck YOU JUST NEED TO SHOW YOUR FACE in the show .... and yes you get a sizeable GOODY BAG FOR THE PRESS ..... and you are finally allowed to call yourself pompously as THE FASHION MEDIA

So do we have any celeb bloggers with a distinct individual voice? .... No not really .... some peeps do think of themselves so .... but no, we don't have any Susie Bubble, Bryanboy, Imran Amed yet ...... there are some who are certainly famous ..... like Miss Malini, who is from Mumbai, but she is not a Blogger, she is an organization .... Pernia Qureshi who is more of a Pop Up Shop ..... any which way lets talk about Delhi (coz most Mumbai peeps are Bolly bloggers and blogging in the 2 cities are vastly different ) .... and none of us here are that scarily popular yet .... There are some very niche voices no doubt .... Manou, Purushu Arie ..... but their social media skills sucks .... therefore they have respect but not enough traffic .... Which brings me full circle to the statistics i quoted at the beginning of this post !! 

The phenomenal rise of Online Shopping in India and the growing base of Internet users are going to anoint the new generation of  Online Influencers ..... In the democracy of the Internet .... the most powerful will be the ones with the most distinctive voice ..... Brands are going to realize that brand positioning needs a new breed of online collaborators who are first and foremost consumers and experiencers of an experience, and not just mindless publishers of PR fed media releases .... In Delhi, India, there is a whole new career to be made in Blogging ..... this is just the start .... i have no doubt we will have our first Blogger Celebs by 2015 ..... maybe we will not influence the whole world .... but who cares .... being Big in India is pretty big in the entire world .... but for now lets start with Delhi.

A VERY HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY DELHI STYLE BLOG .... you had a lazy comfy first year ... now lets kick some serious ass ..... maybe someone will send us an Audi to chauffeur us to Fashion Week .... who knows ? .... we believe in impossible things ... hahahahaha :D

Dimpy Kapur,
On Behalf of

Shima Ahmad
Pranab Hazarika
Aanchal Sukhija
Akanksha Chauhan


  1. Congratulations on your first Anniversary.
    We surely are making a niche for ourselves, won't call ourselves the Bryan Boy (who is kind of owned by Conde Nast) but an Imran Ahmed will be somebody good to look for.

    Its good to see honest posts, and you guys do it brilliantly. The industry is growing, so will we.

    1. Thank you for the feedback and appreciation Rasna .... means a lot xx :)

  2. Sucha interesting read, Dimpy & co. Bloggers have more freedom to express opinions than fashion journalists ;) and with DSB, i am pretty sure a blogging boom is just round the corner. Looking forward to another year of serious, kick-ass posts! Happy 1st Anniversary.
    Arpita *__*

    1. Thank you for the appreciation Arpita .... your opinion is always precious to us ... xx :)

  3. Replies
    1. Hahaha ... thank you my lovely Shreya xx :)

  4. thats an honest and an unbiased article.

    Shows us what a blog really means and why we are yet to have independent bloggers with credibility, opinion and voice.

    Enjoyed reading it. Like when you watch a movie and connect with it, it remains in your mind for long; it was very same after reading the post!

    1. Thank you Sunaina .... we loved your website Memorable Indian Weddings .... warm regards :) xx

    2. Thanks DSB team for liking our website! :)

  5. Congratulations on your anniversary!!

    A very honest and to-the-point post! One of the very few post I have read word to word nodding at each sentence! You hit the nail right on the head darling!

    1. Thanks Roli :) .... Congratulations for selling out your Monsoon collection :) xx

  6. Haha, I stand up n applaud ! These words were hovering my mind too, but u got the guts to put it here! I bow to u girl !! Loved meeting u today . xoxo

    1. Thank you Surbhi .... lovely meeting you :) xx

  7. Very well-written and the expression of thought was amazing!
    U rock DSB! :-}


  8. Aanchal Malhotra4 November 2013 at 18:26

    Wah wah - explicit word expression.

  9. Congratulations on completing a year! You've pointed out observations that are obvious-&-yet-people-fail-to-see! Nice insights on rise of Indian fashion blogging :) Thank you for also pointing out about the social meida... Will try to work on that aspect :)

    All the best.

    1. Hey Purushu .... thanks for dropping by into our small pond .... apologies if you felt otherwise ... we love your posts :) .... and thank you so much for your graciousness .... regards :)


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