The Collective in Delhi is a one of its kind, super-premium retail concept, known for its breadth of exclusive fashion with over 100 of the world’s best fashion brands under one roof known for menswear and accessories ..... If you want to pick up a head to toe Versace look .... or maybe the latest "It" bag .... or a luxury cufflink to amp up your evening look .... this is The Go to Store in the Capital !!!! ..... Recently we were invited to have a detailed interaction with Tateossian, London ..... an unique jewellery and accessory brand by designer Robert Tateossian who is better known as the "King of Cufflinks".... and we were totally amazed at how such a lil bit of finery could amp up a gentleman's sartorial credentials sky high !! .... Literally at that !!!! ..... The star of the collection was this meteorite limited edition cufflinks made from a Meteor that landed on earth 5000 years ago from outer space and probably 30,000 old !!!! ..... Fashion nerds that we are .... the whole story of Tateossian captivated us due to these historically significant investment pieces !!! ..... But for us at DSB, it was a tete a tete with Julie Woodhead, Buying Director of The Collective, and Ekta Rajani, Fashion Director of Grazia, India that really made this blogpost happen !! ....... Imagine a job as the buyer for an Aditya Birla Group venture ...... the limitless funds ..... the best of Global luxury brands to choose from .... and a shopping spree to stock a store !!! .... OMG is there a heaven better than that for fashionistas ? .... Julie is one lucky lady in a job which is her passion as she talked about the various luxury brands The Collective curates ..... Ekta Rajani of course needs no introduction to us Indians .... She is one of India's foremost Stylists, Fashion Savant and Fashion Mag Journo .... She has always been a hit with us Bloggers because as Fashion Director of Grazia ..... she keeps a sharp eye on the fledgling Fashion Blogging industry and makes it a point to notice and applaud our individual voices as Street Style Fashion Artists whenever she meets us at Fashion Weeks and other industry events !! .... When Julie gifted us the The Collective's Autumn Winter 2013 Collection Coffee Table Edition "The Green Room" .... we were ecstatic !! ...... First because i love Coffee Table Books .... its print in a world gone Digital .... its Hardcover with the very best of photographs, illustration and concise prose .... it looks pretty as a Drawing Room accessory .... and its the creme de la creme of premium advertisement !! ..... The Green Room is very stylishly curated .... and no wonder why !! .... The Collective in its infinite wisdom roped in eight of India's best Celebrity Stylists, Ekta being one ..... to create a wardrobe out of the store's collection .... based on Four Themes of Drama, Narcissism, Chaos and Debauched .... in their Signature Styles supported by a phalanx of models, make up artists and photographers ..... to truly create India's first Style Collective !!! ..... Now that the store is offering Duty Free Shopping .... aka 40% less on iconic brands such as Armani Collezioni, Ted Baker, Fred Perry, Versace Jeans, Hackett, Lagerfeld, True Religion, Versace Collection and many more ..... starting today the 6th of December till the 8th of December ..... we at DSB thought of sharing  excerpts from "the Green Room", their lookbook this season .... with you dear readers !! .... Wish you a very jolly Winter Shopping spree :)

The Green Room The Collective
The Green Room The Collective Autumn Winter 2013

Fashion Designer Jenjum Gadi is famously known as the King of Gota, but for his Spring Summer 2014 ready to wear line, at Fashion Design Council of India's Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, he presented a devastatingly stunning collection of insect prints that literally made jaws drop !! ..... Of course insect prints are nothing new ..... the Victorians made the shiny beetle into fashion art ..... Cicadas, dragon flies and other insects were very popular during the Art Nouveau period .... In 1997, Thierry Mugler was inspired by insects for his seminal haute couture presentation "Insect Woman" .... in recent times, Lanvin, Thakoon, Tory Burch have also been bitten by the bug print ..... but to see Jenjum's collection "Insecta" Spring Summer 2014 on the runway was an exercise in straining the extraocular muscles ..... eye poppingly !! ( in case you didn't know the EOMs or extraocular muscles are the fellas that cradle your eye ball and are the fastest reacting muscles in your body :P) ..... The first question the fashion press asked Jenjum in his post show conference was predictably ... "Why insects" .... i just smiled at one corner .... because just a few days back during the fittings session for fashion week, i espied the now famous dragon fly ensembles and was most curious about his inspirations .... For his Autumn Winter 2013 collection, Jen's inspiration was his hill tribe ancestors through the storytelling of his grandmother, and therefore named "Clan" ..... and now this time his inspiration was most obviously nature .... and therein lay a clue .... The designer was channeling his roots .... the beautiful land of orchids .... Arunachal Pradesh .... one of the 18 biosphere reserves of India ... a land of unparalleled biodiversity rich in species both flora and fauna ..... Now for some people the idea of insects is very creepy ..... but they are without doubt a very intrinsic part of the terrestrial eco system .... often reviled but very needed to maintain the balance in nature .... and Jenjum pays the most beautiful sartorial homage to the most diverse groups of animals on the planet, including more than a million described species and representing more than half of all known living organisms ..... the arthropods Insecta :)

Jenjum Gadi Spring Summer 2013 WIFW FDCI Insect print fashion
Jenjum Gadi, Insecta,  Spring Summer 2013 

Pero by Aneeth Arora presented "Labour of Love" Spring Summer 2014 at Fashion Design Council of India's Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week on October 12th ..... the first indication about the collection appeared on the brands facebook page with a picture of a collection of recycled dolls with the description ...... "She looked to the skies and wished. She remembered all the people that inspired her. The journey had just begun. And by late evening, it started raining. Polka Dots. Gems and Dolls" ..... And that was precisely what happened .... there were polka dots on the runway .... gems in the press kit ..... and living dolls in straw boaters, ribbons and lace, bows and hearts .... merrily gliding out of a Parisian Cafe .... with cupcakes and periwinkles in flower vases ..... to the bossanova strains of The Girl from Ipanema .....

"Tall and tan and young and lovely
The girl from Ipanema goes walking
And when she passes, each one she passes goes - ahhhhh
When she walks, she's like a samba
That swings so cool and sways so gently
That when she passes, each one she passes goes - ahhhhh
ohhhh - But he watches so sadly
How can he tell her he loves her
Yes he would give his heart gladly
But each day, when she walks to the sea
She looks straight ahead, not at himmmm ... "

As supermodel Indrani walked down in a signature Pero anti fit baby doll dress ..... polka dotted ribbon in her hair and red bindi dots on her bare feet ... followed by a bevy of girls in floaty loose sheer layers full of light and grace ..... the frow tried to cheer politely (the front row claps soundlessly while the cat calls, whistles and ovations come from the non front rowers heheh :) ..... while the media pit cattily chinese whispered "Sarojini Nagar" (you gotta be a Delhiite to understand this epithet :p .... Sarojini Nagar market is the most famous flea market in Delhi ..... if you want export surplus summer cotton, lace, knit, hosiery or any kind of summer sheers for an unbelievably cheap 100 rupees or 2 USD .... this is the place to shop .... if you still don't understand the reference, you need to talk to a Delhiite :P)
Herein lies the problem with a label like Pero ..... It's distinctly Indian in its textiles, easily identifiable with locally made and internationally famous Indian handloom textiles and its variations ..... The "look" of Pero is nothing new for the average Indian ...... This kind of shabby chic is what we wear at home or sell to foreigners ...... It is pretty difficult to think of buying Pero at its designer level price point as an anti fit silhouette for an Indian body type ....... So here then is a very brave designer who is absolutely convinced of marrying an International aesthete to local material at a selling price that demands your curiosity ...... To Appreciate Pero you have to understand the journey of Every garment that comes out from the atelier of Aneeth Arora !! .... It is a Labour of Love .... by hands, that stitch every heart, embroiders every dot, closes every lining .... without a machine !! ..... Truly hundred percent handstitched and handcrafted .... in the brands own words .... "‘Péro’ interprets international aesthetic using local material and skills, taking inspiration from what surrounds us, to make a product that connects with people, wherever in the world it is placed. The Indianness of ‘péro’ rests in the textile process, where materials pass through the hands of one craftsperson to the other, carrying forward the Indian tradition of the hand made, and creating pieces that are at once unique. The resulting garment evoke some sense of culture from which it originates, this culture communicates internationally in such a way that the wearer looks equally at ease in the streets of Paris or London, as she does here in India.The look is not about an age group or season, it is about a mindset , a willingness to incorporate the effortless style of the local people in ones attire." ......

ndrani Dasgupta for Pero by Aneeth Arora Spring Summer 2014 WIFW
Indrani Dasgupta for Pero by Aneeth Arora Spring Summer 2014 WIFW

When Charu Parashar's Spring Summer 2014 collection "A Persian Dream" opened with the track Endless Reverie from the album Elysium For The Brave by Persian singer Azam Ali ...... I shivered with goose pimples at a coincidence ..... Azam Ali, Iranian singer raised in Panchgani, India and resident of Los Angeles and Quebec is also someone who is known for her unique jewellery pieces, specially the Farvahar or winged disc - the national symbol of Iran and the Medallion and vine motif design from the Carpets of Isfahan ....  truly unique jewellery and therefore she is frequently featured in Blogger style diaries across the globe ! ..... I have been recently following the sartorial style of Azam .... And then million of miles away in the East, here was Charu Parashar presenting her Persian Dream to a soundtrack of Azam Ali !! .... Co incidence is it not ? .... The Resham embroidery motifs in her persian collection, also reminded me of William Morris's illustrations of the Rubayat of Omar Khayyam, the dome of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosqueand the Persian motifs taken from the rich textile culture of the Safavid dynasty of ancient Iran ..... which also gave birth to our own Mughal motifs descended from the Timurid dynasty of Iran !!! ...... CP's romantic sexy sophistication with flowing hemlines and breezy sleeves brought ancient Persia onto the modern red carpet ..... and her finale gowns certainly brought in the whiff of the Bengali Garad and/or Korial saree ..... with its pristine white with red border  .... the colour palette was very basic salmon pink to red to white ..... the show was stylized with bandana caps with latkans, gold hoops and disc ear rings, bracelets, with pearl, gemstone, and mesh potli, minaudiere and clutches ...... The make up was subtle and classy with a sharp half winged liner on the eyelids with gold highlights in the corner, and a nude pale pink lip.

"I am really excited about this season. The new reinvented look is inspiring. I have experimented with print and embroidery. This time I tried to create a very classic look. The print is basically inspired by Persian carpets and culture. We have done a lot of resham work," Charu said.
The designer added that through her collection she is trying to create an identity for today's woman with clothes which don't just make style statements but are also classic in appeal.
The ecru coloured garments lend a dreamy feel. She also used a lot of Banarasi chanderi for her white collection. It has sheer bodices in net, embroidered with resham work. The translucent feel to the apparels adds sensuousness. - Post Show Press Meet interview.

Charu Parashar Spring Summer 2014 WIFW
Sonalika Sahay for Charu Parashar Spring Summer 2014

The sisters Gauri and Nainika brings to you a holiday collection inspired by the colourful Amalfi coast, and the charm and grace of vintage Hollywood heroines ..... We loved the collection :) ..... for now enjoy the pictures, we will be back with the review, music and closeup details shortly :)

Gauri Nainika Spring Summer 2014 WIFW
Gauri Nainika Spring Summer 2014

Gaurav Gupta presented his couture collection "Lightfall" on the last day of PCJ Delhi Couture Week 2013 ..... by that time we had just seen two back to back couture weeks ... the Bridal Fashion Week preceding DCW by a week .... 12 shows in that one, and 8 shows before GG's in DCW!! .... Even with all the eye fatigue of watching one couture collection after the other ........ The moment we saw the runway set at the Taj Palace Hotel in New Delhi, with the Medusa heads dripping lights on to the runway and the beautiful hourglass with the stunningly worded press kit, we knew we were in for something spectacularly different than the other Indian couture offerings so far !!

"Once upon a checkered dream
Of songs in lace and rivulets of gold
Silence became the song the theme
By light the tale of its falling was told
somewhere she said an eye would blink
And somewhere a cave will stall
Night would be the torch to everything
On the day light falls "
- Press Kit, Gaurav Gupta

"Lightfall" was indeed songs of lace and rivulets of gold ..... a collection so stunning and mesmerising, as befitted the poetic press release crafted by Gaurav's stellar right hand Navkirat Sodhi, who is a published poet in her own right ..... and the superbly crafted runway music by Madhav Shorey of the band "Kohra" .... it started with the tinkling of cathedral bells as we were seated and the runway lit up into flaming medusa hair followed by an Luminiscent apparition in a play of sheer and gold .... a beautiful instrumental piece by David August "Forgive Me if i Bleed" played as points of light intersected and radiated from a stunning black gown .... and segued into the electronic tanpura and the magical vocal droning of Sheila Chandra as super model Jesse Randhawa stunned in an orange sharp shouldered brocade jacket over layers of tulle ... to actress Rekha's song as courtesan Vasantsena voiced by Lata Mangeshkar came on the speakers as Gaurav's famed sculptural drapes floated down the runway in 3Desque yellow flowers blooming on neon sari gowns .... to rain and thunderstorms on the speakers that culminated with the golden gorgeousness of show stopper Kalki Koechlin as the astral princess of "Lightfall" !!
Many were bemused by Gaurav's collection .... it was avant garde, it was scintillating, it was edgy, contemporary, it was Art !! ..... futuristic in design and conception, for an Indian woman fed on the usual trite "bridal wear" that passes off as "couture" .... Indeed the Fashion Design Council of India who hosts the Delhi Couture Week even ran a twitter campaign asking fashionistas about what is considered couture in India .... the question being ... Is traditional bridal couture the denominator for "couture" in India ? ..... Inarguably, the Bridal market in India is the biggest and most voracious buyer in the luxury apparel segment .... every Couturier and Fashion Designer worth his salt would naturally target the money guzzling machinery surrounding the "Great Indian Wedding" .... but oh to see a presentation like "Lightfall", one must have the appreciation for a story, with all the senses of sound and sight aflame ! .... A most beautiful representation of what a woman can be ! .... and i was reminded of the James Cameron movie "Avatar" and its "Tree of Souls" and the luminescent neurons connecting the universe of Pandora where every single organism is connected so radiantly into one supreme consciousness !! ....  From the extreme vintage to the future light years from now ..... a woman draped with the luminescent brilliance of Gaurav Gupta's soul of imagination !!! .... Its our pleasure to record all that we felt through our camera ..... So here is Lightfall through our eyes ..... our biggest photo presentation till date !!

Gaurav Gupta Lightfall Delhi Couture Week 2013
Gaurav Gupta Lightfall Delhi Couture Week 2013

Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff, the half English, half French duo of fashion label Meadham Kirchhoff presented their spectacular Spring Summer 2014 collection at London Fashion Week recently ..... as the live streaming started, we at this part of the world watched amazed at the absolute theatricality of the Elizabethan inspired school girl look straight out of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland's Red Queen meets modern Street Style mavericks "Chanel meets Birkenstock" look ..... Of course these Central Saint Martins alumnus are already renowned for their presentation of a parallel universe where trends don't matter , their story does .... And their universe of SS 2014 is Mary Poppins gone rogue to a horror soundtrack (apparently from Batman mixed by Jeffery Hinton) .... dead roses on the runway and hanging on to dilapidated wicker fences ... a grey backdrop ..... in contrast to .... girls in flaming ringlet curls adorned with bows by master hair stylist James Pecis, ...... baby doll dresses with lace trimmings, ..... Children story book character bags, ..... knee high school girl socks ... and Alice hats by famous milliner Moody and Farrell !! ..... But for all the theatricality, it was a very Ready To Wear collection ..... and undoubtedly one of the very best ever seen in London Fashion Week this year !! ..... Do have a look :)

Meadham Kirchhoff London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014
Meadham Kirchhoff London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014

Of august gold-wreathed and beautiful
Aphrodite I shall sing to whose domain
belong the battlements of all sea-loved
Cyprus where, blown by the moist breath
of Zephyros, she was carried over the
waves of the resounding sea on soft foam.
The gold-filleted Horae happily welcomed
her and clothed her with heavenly raiment.

- Demetrios Chalkokond, 1488, Florence, Italy

Suneet Varma India Bridal Fashion Week 2013 The Golden Bracelet, Sonalika Sahay
Sonalika Sahay in Suneet Varma Couture The Golden Bracelet 2013

I love Gaurav Gupta's voice .... i can listen to him speaking for hours ... not only because, he is erudite, cultured, sophisticated and an interesting conversationalist ... but also because he speaks in the manner of Dr Sheldon Cooper(if you don't know who that is, this article is not meant for you :) ... and except for the Bazinga bit ... Gaurav's vocal modulation and inflection is so like the sexy Dr Cooper that it is uncanny, except GG's voice is more heavy .... even his witty retorts and quips !! .... until now, i used to see him only during press conferences and had no clue about that sharply wicked intelligence .... and now that i have actually interviewed him face to face ... i shudder to think what this poor man goes through every time the fashion media asks him the same stale questions at post show conferences ... it must be very trying for a man with quick wit to spare .... to be patient, calm and deadpan pleasant to hackneyed hacks ..... but then he is a Capricorn (me too) ... and we goats are very famous for our patience !! :) .... Come to think of it, just like his signature structured drapes .... GG(we will call him GG henceforth) as a Fashion Designer is a layer of drapes cunningly crafted to the market sentiments of the press ..... GG the Dude exists in a parallel universe peopled with imaginary characters who is more of his ilk ... they are the imaginative muse for his creations ... and how do these two diff universe meet ? ... well as he puts it ... "Fashion is an art ... And Art like lot of other creative things is not always understood ... but the moment people come across my designs ..... if they interact with the piece or check it out in the mirror, we have had a dialogue ... THAT moment doesn't need words" ... probably that is where the two worlds of Gaurav Gupta converges !! ... It is unspoken and unexpressed ... but as I chatted with GG about this and that, it was a delight to discover the Dude behind the Fashion Designer .... We both love Lemon Fizz ... the roadside "thelawalla Banta" lemonade ..... Nirula's Golden Glow icecream soda ... Thai food .... salad .... flea markets .... shoes .... rings .... metal accessories .... except his sick obsession with Rajma ... (he even has Rajma with his toast !!!!) ..... And then as i mentioned earlier, we both are Capricorns, and both share an alma mater in Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design, London (he is from Gareth Pugh's batch) .... Naturally, the London angle was explored .... Camden, Brick Lane (he stayed around here), Shoreditch are some of his fav places ... he was half punk half hippie in style ... "floated between both the spaces .... attended world music gigs, goth gigs, followed Hare Krishna monks and danced with them down Oxford Street ... went to raves and s & m parties .... had to experience all of them, get exposed to the whole world" he said .... i curiously asked, who did GG find cool when he was in high school ? ... "You would not believe ....popular artists Sridevi, Rekha, Amitabh" ... my brows shot up ... (i mean look at his sophisticated constructions) .... he smiled mischievously "Come on, what can i say? I am a Delhi Indian boy !!" .... Hahaha this Delhi boy is also a "Trend Clairvoyant" like most ace designers are ... Just look at our 3rd most popular post on our blog featuring GG's neons from his Spring Summer 2013 line... trust me the stats for the post is mind boggling (Gaurav Gupta Neon) .... GG did neons, debuting right along side Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade et al .... even before it hit the local market !! ... then i remember his zippered black fall collection which was au current with other global fash players too ..... he says he doesn't know why things trend, but always finds himself unconsciously knowing it ... trend clairvoyant!!  i tell you !! ... Then his taste in music ... i have heard Tchaikovsky and Brahms on his runway .... but equally Indian classical too ... very eclectic he agrees .... his favourite is Tabla player Talvin Singh associated with Asian Underground music, with collabs with Madonna, Massive Attack .... He loves World electronic music with slightly eastern sounds ... loves Squarepusher, Braindance but also Beatles :) .... I can go on and on but because this is a blog post, i must stop .... needless to say ... GG is a very very fascinating man and when i saw the preview of his new collection "Lightfall" to be presented at the final day of the ongoing PCJ Delhi Couture Week, that is Sunday, tomorrow .... i knew i had to attempt to put down in words, my interactions with him and share his preview with you :)

Gaurav Gupta

Last month, the newspaper headlines screamed .... the price of Gold has plummeted !! .... and while the whole world and its brother were selling or offloading their gold investments .... what do you think we Indians were doing ? ... We were buying of course !! ... hahahaha ... Indians love gold ... period !! ... and we like our gold only as 22 carat or more thank you ... And we can never have enough gold !! ... In fact .... collectively, per capita, we own as much gold as the Federal Reserve Bank and the Bank of England !!! .... You gotta give it to us ... we know real money when we see it .... and our dearest acquisitions are always a 22 carat yellow metal that we have been taught to hoard and pass down the generations ... since our birth :) .... The worst financial debacle for an Indian household is selling the family gold .... and the best celebration and insurance is without a doubt increasing the family gold hoarding heheh .... With wedding season around the corner ....  Azva by World Gold Council showcased a new range of 22kt gold bridal jewellery at the India Bridal Fashion Week 2013 ...... With designs meant to capture the imagination and fancy of the contemporary Indian bride, the new Azva collection featured perfect couture gold jewellery crafted by some of the best craftsmen in the country ....  Donning a flowing gold gown, Alia Bhatt sizzled on the ramp in a stunning Azva neck piece, bracelet and earrings as the showstopper .... Do check out the stunning pictures and press release :)

Zoya Afroz, Azva by World Gold Council, India Bridal Fashion Week 2013

Fashion Designer Rohit Bal presented his bridal collection on the ramp for the first time in the ongoing Aamby Valley India Bridal Fashion Week 2013 !! ... although he has done many couture shows in the past .... but this was something else altogether ... from the awesome set design by immensely talented Scenographer, Sumant Jayakrishnan .... to the cleverly compiled runway music of vintage sensual bollywood blockbuster tracks ... that infused the models with such languidness and feminity .... to the perfect choice of opener Noyonika Chatterjee (24 years plus in the fashion industry and still rocks and how) .... to the most stylish Indian actress currently, Sonam Kapoor, who stunned as showstopper ... Rohit Bal aka Gudda clearly outshone the opening show and all the shows till date (today is the last day) ... and i have a feeling Tarun Tahiliani's finale has to be beyond all expectations to even compare to Gudda's presentation !! ... 'The Mulmul Masquerade' on day 4 of India Bridal Fashion Week ... stunned right from the clever use of fabrics ... mulmul, voiles, chanderi, velvet .... to his beloved paisleys and signature Kasab embroidery from Kashmir ... to Shibori tie n dye techniques ... to his combination of gold and shimmer sequins ... to his colour palette of black, red, off white, champage beige ... to the Shakespearean Elizabethan muslin collars and ribbons snaking down the sleeves ... to the Sufi dervish pants for men ... to his signature stunning peacock, parrot, leaf, lotus and creeper motifs .... each look gathered applause from the crowd .... It was such a pleasure to see the brilliant designer standing in the media pit amongst the press people to observe the execution of his spectacular show, very unlike other designers who are mostly hiding in the green rooms till the final bow :) .... We present you a visual treat from the imagination of Rohit Bal !! ... Words are clearly a surplus here as you can see :)

Rohit Bal Sonam Kapoor India Bridal Fashion Week 2013
Rohit Bal with showstopper Sonam Kapoor India Bridal Fashion Week 2013

Shantanu and Nikhil's collection “To Die For” in India Bridal Fashion Week, 2013 truly lives up to its name ..... When we first saw the preview during the press meet, modeled by Zoya Afroz ..... we were a tad dissappointed .... because the gown looked like it belonged to their collection from their last showing at Aamby Valley couture week ...... But were we in for a big surprise !! ...... This collection was all about feminity, grace, elegance, sophistication and a new age Bride who likes to be contemporary and chic and yet is love, emotion and heartbeats ... drumming an eternal song in gold !! ..... Of course, both brothers are reknowned for their ethereal layering of chantilly and tulle, and it was present in wispy whisperings and flounces throughout their collection ..... but the fluidity and grace on the ramp was so beautiful this time .... that we had goosebumps at the poetry in motion !!
"Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm; for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame. Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away. If one were to give all the wealth of his house for love, it would be utterly scorned."
The above quote from the song of Solomon truly describes the era of romantic renaissance in Rome and Paris, which Shantanu and Nikhil ended up contemporizing so well .... The collection reminded me of the Uffizi Gallery, the most popular museums of Florence and its famous art works by many of Italy’s Renaissance Masters ..... As they say, Love is patient, love is kind ..... It does not envy, it does not boast ..... It is not proud, It is not rude, it is not self-seeking .... It is not easily angered ..... how cunningly the duo ended up selecting the color palette to evoke the above mentioned emotions with the shades of camel, chocolate, beige .... and presenting gold the way gold has never been presented before ..... To keep the emotions moving .... they gradually segued into red, black , grey and olive .... but all with that subtle dash of gold ..... It was very Rococo in the way they made it luxe, ornate and with strong emphasis on silhouette and shape .... in creamy, pastel-like colours, gold leaf booti embellishments, and even the curving hathphools seen on both men and women in gold !!! .... The themes were definitely love and gaiety .... and were reflected in the flattering silhouettes with elements of nature, curving lines, asymmetry and also on the beautiful dewy fresh make up which we so loved .... As their press release stated .... "This collection focussed on the soft and beautiful bride who always embraces everything feminine and dotes on chic and contemporary fashion." .... Without much ado .... ladies and gentlemen .... a collection to die for :)

Shantanu and Nikhil India Bridal Fashion Week 2013

JJ Valaya opened Aamby Valley India Bridal Fashion Week 2013 in typical Indian late lateef style .... the show scheduled for 8 pm started at 1030 pm .... the venue at The Grand, Vasant Kunj was way too small to accommodate "the invited" and the press .... "the invited" were seated much before the media and therefore we had a first time experience of watching a couture show seated on each others lap ... or standing on each others toes .... but then we are Indians .... and we are used to travelling on a single cycle with the entire family, and its a shame if you can't fit at least 15 family members into one Maruti 800 .... maybe that is why a lady from Valaya's seating team literally threw a fit because she didnot know where to throw the press people away .... all the poor mite did is shout and shake in her lovely beige Valaya outfit as she commanded us press types to climb onto each other and not cross the holy rope that separated "the invited" from "the barely tolerated", aka the media ..... if i were Valaya, i would have done off with her head of course .... because i am sure JJ, the genial, sweet Sardarji knows the worth of publicity from the same media types, which all his celeb guests put together cannot ensure .... as a true blue Punju he knows that at the end of the day after all the "shoshabaji" and "hello jis" are done, the impressed "invited" will still look at pictures that people like us put up and get their outfits done from Diwan Saheb (since this is couture, i will not mention the local darzis lol) .... the few that will come to his atelier will want bespoke and none of those clothes already worn by models on the ramp seen by every nukkad in the country (kya karen ? those good old days of exclusivity are over, now even "gaonwallas" with crores of "khandaani khet" are internet savvy) .... so the purpose of a couture showing is to showcase a design house's innovation, craftsmanship and creativity .... and the dissemination of a couture house's design aesthete can only be done through the media ..... and i am not foolish enough to presume team Valaya do not think it relevant that the media be seated for his show !! ..... Anyhow, the most striking experience of JJ's show was no doubt the set design of scenographer, designer and installation artist Sumant Jayakrishnan .... it was such a stunning masterpiece, with boats, royal arches, cupolas .... a veritable royal court fit for the collection theme called "The Maharaja of Madrid" .... I cannot comment much on the garments .... all looked nice and royal .... i could barely see them through the armpit arches of the fellow standing in front of me .... but looking through the photographs of my camera person .... few things stood out ..... For whatever it is worth, here is my opinion .... can we leave Spain alone ? .... is the Spanish government secretly trying to ensure all things spanish should show up in every fashion show across the world ? .... Suneet Varma already did Spanish this year .... Georgina Chapman did it with Marchesa too .... and Anita Delgado meets Kapurthala is a stale story really ..... and off with the Turbans too .... i know i know its a Maharaja story JJ was selling .... the only turban that looked good was on Kabir Bedi .... now that man is a bonafide Maharaja .... turban or no turban ..... we already "ooh aahed" enough when Manish Arora showed turbans on the ramp in Paris and Wills India Fashion Week, Delhi this year .... now only a bland "oh" of observation remains ..... and what is with the curtain tassels hanging around the men's neck ? .... looking at the pics, you would say what lovely clothes !! .... and the clothes are lovely no doubt .... but hey this is Valaya .... he is one of our most revered couturiers .... he can do jamawar paisleys, gota, brigade with both his eyes shut ..... Of course i appreciate his excellent craftmanship, but why is he forever dressing the Maharajas of Mandwa, Kapurthala, Timbuktu whatever ..... For all the pedal pushing of Maharaja themes in Indian couture, look at what our actual erstwhile royals are wearing !!! ..... Simple chiffons and elegant pearls .... Very Jaqueline Kennedy still .... And the contemporary business Maharajas are into contemporary bespoke .... As in yes we are Indian, and extremely proud of our heritage and culture, we will always wear, gota, zardozi, and an inordinate amount of jewellery ..... But we also want a global touch to go with our Indian couture ..... and this idea of a Spanish Maharaja is a Grandee with too many layers and embellishment with the stinking armpits of an Indian summer .... But then what do i know ? .... Many peeps must be wanting this only .... Here have a look .... And just for the record, because so many peeps thinks fash bloggers maynot be able to afford couture and therefore the opinions are suspect .... I can but i won't .... But if you are wearing Valaya couture, i will still clap for you, because i know how much these creations cost, and thereby how much you need a validation of your financial worth ... So i shall clap :)

JJ Valaya India Bridal Fashion Week 2013

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, daughter of an ex Air Hostess, wife to Prince William, mother of Britain's future regent just gave birth to a baby boy. The new royal will be His Royal Highness, Prince of Cambridge .... and as England starts with a royal blue celebration .... the rest of the world media can heave a sigh of relief .... every newswire for the last few days have been talking about nothing but the arrival of the royal baby .... Twitter was the worst .... my entire newsfeed from the western part of the world was about the same topic .... Well ... now that the current most famous baby in the world is born .... lets look back at the sartorial choice of Kate for her pregnancy .... because for us in this part of the world .... her dressing sense is more of an interest to us than an antiquated monarchy !! .... And as England's new mums wait for an announcement of the baby's name, to name their own un named babies  .... (lol, there was a news feature on the same even by our TV news) ... we bring to you Kate's excellent choice of maternity wear which no one can fault for their classic, sophisticated, chic appeal :)

The top looks of Kate Middleton's pregnancy

Kate in a Mulberry coat in Mint green

Fashion One International announced the fourth edition of Aamby Valley India Bridal Fashion Week (AVIBFW) 2013 ..... India Bridal Fashion Week will host its first edition in Delhi, which was previously held in Mumbai .... ( it was also announced that IBFW will be showcased in London too from 2014 onwards) .... 12 acclaimed fashion designers will showcase the finest bridal couture collection from the 23rd of July till the 28th of July 2013 .... and during the Press Meet on 10th July, at The Grand, Vasant Kunj, the 12 designers gave us a preview of their upcoming collection .... Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez is the ambassador for the event ... wearing a Jyotsna Tiwari outfit and will be seen during the Fashion Week .... We at Delhi Style Blog bring you an exclusive preview of the designers participating and their collections .... So what is new for the Indian Bride ? .... Is she going to channel Queen Elizabeth 1 in a desi avatar as Rohit Bal intends .... or a Roman princess from the times of Pompeii as showcased by Suneet Varma .... or she will be a Royal Begum from the famed Mughal Miniature paintings as shown by Ashima and Leena .... or maybe she will be a story unveiled .... like the curious print of Calla lilies and American Indian, headdress feather war bonnet, that we spied on opening show Couturier JJ Valaya's bride ..... have a look further on :)

India Bridal Fashion Week 2013 show schedule Delhi Style Blog

The Devil Wears Prada actress Meryl Streep turns 64 today ... Though this supremely talented, record breaking, 17 times Academy Award nominee and 3 time Oscar Winner is far known for her more famous roles in a glittering career spanning 30 decades .... we who are more sartorially inclined, remember her most in her role as Miranda Priestly, the editrix of Runway Magazine, which is the temple for the flock of the New York Fashion world in the 2006 movie "The Devil Wears Prada" .... adapted from Lauren Weisberger's book of the same name .... Though Anna Wintour, the powerful Vogue editor was the inspiration for Streep's character, as is widely believed ... (Weisberger once worked as her assistant) .... both Patricia Field (stylist and costume designer of the movie) and Streep were very clear that the character sketch should be uniquely "Miranda Priestly" .... a stand alone character in terms of styling, fashion and idiosyncrasies ... who is more classic and "rich lady" as befits an Alpha female, .... compared to the equally stylish but more modish characters of Andy and Emily ....  Patricia Field (also designed costume for Sex in the City remember?) had a $100,000 budget for the film's costumes, and was supplemented by help from friends from throughout the fashion industry ... Ultimately, almost $1 million worth of clothing was used in the film, making it the most expensively costumed movie in cinema history !!! .... In today's fun post, we revive the myriad looks of Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada ... along with some of her most famous quotes from the movie ... ( and oh yes, if you do not understand what we are talking about till now, this post is not for you dear friend :) .... this is a fan post for Meryl Streep who acted as this Fashion Editor character in a movie called The Devil Wears Prada( yes yes we are sounding like parrots, but what to do, needs to be said) ... and since today is Meryl's birthday, we are indulging in a photoblog of her looks from the said movie :D )

Happy Birthday Meryl Streep

Neon is sweeping the fashion world since last year and it showed up in the runways of both Spring Summer 2013 and Autumn Winter 2013 .... Fashion editorials all over the web has been proclaiming the return of the neon 80's for sometime now .... but for us here in India .... Neon is really not a trend .... we have been neonising our world since time immemorial .... where the western world use neon sparingly as an accent .... we Indians go the whole hog .... nothing is too bright on our tan skins ... we love colour .... the brighter the better .... Way back in 1956, legendary photographer Norman Parkinson traveled the length and breadth of India for a photo shoot for British Vogue .... when Diana Vreeland, then editor of Harper's Bazaar saw the images, she exclaimed famously ... "How clever of you Mr Parkinson, to know that pink is the navy blue of India" ..... what she meant obviously is that if black, navy blue and nudes was the common colour palette for westerners .... for Indians, colours like Rani Pink (shocking neon pink), lemon yellow, Sindoori red (neon orange red), parrot green,  Aasmani Neel ( neon sky blue), Firozi (neon tuquuoise blue), Santari (neon orange) is the common colour palette .... after all the Indian National Bird is the Peacock (the male) and the National Flower is Lotus .... and the best equivalent of western graffiti and Japanese Manga in neon can be seen on Indian truck decorations !!

Neon makeup from Sephora, Delhi

When The Iron Lady (2011) , the famous Margaret Thatcher biopic was released with Oscar Winner Meryl Streep in the title role .... the part of the world we live in did not really know or spared some thought about the sartorial choices of Britain's only female Prime Minister ..... After all, India has a strong tradition of Saree clad women politicians .... foremost image being that of our own only female Prime Minister ... the inimitable Indira Gandhi ...... But after the release of The Iron Lady and Meryl Streep's inevitable Oscar win .... Lady Thatcher and her fashion sense was once again in the limelight .... and our generation of post-cold war globalized Indians took eager notes of 80's power dressing .... adapting the whole idea of western power suits in corporate and formal life ..... But long before Maggie Thatcher, our own Indira Gandhi had the concept of power dressing down pat .... And no wonder that is why we see so many fashion parallels between both the world leaders .... Both were famous for their "helmet hairstyles" ..... Both favoured local textiles and fashions .... Both had signature neck wear .... In a way the feminized version of the neck tie - pearls for Lady Thatcher and a Rudraksha bead mala for Mrs Gandhi ... And both were a perfect showcase for restrained dressing, albeit carefully crafted by their media advisers .... Where the fashion never upstaged who they were .... Two crafty strong willed ladies who led their nations through turbulent times in a strongly patriarchal political establishment !!

On 19th march, DLF Promenade, Delhi organised a Fashion Bloggers Meet to introduce fashion bloggers and their readers with its participating brand's Spring-Summer 2013 collections .... A styling contest ensued with Fashion Guru Suneet Varma  as judge ..... Delhi Style Blog participated along with other Fashion Bloggers from Mumbai and Delhi .... and we won the contest :) .... The mere fact that one of the capital's swankiest mall and one of the country's most prestigious business house (DLF Group) organised this meet is heartening (represented by DLF Promenade and DLF Emporio Senior VP and Mall Head, Ms Dinaz Madhukar)  ..... because until now, Fashion Bloggers in India were in the nebulous zone of a young generation of internet junkies and practically media virgins unlike their counterparts in the west, who wield enviable influence and power over fashion diktats and style trends .... as Suneet Varma (one of India's foremost designers most known internationally for his iconic and quirky Judith Leiber bejewelled minaudieres), judge for the event said .... "The Indian fashion bloggers community is a growing one and an event like this will just be the right platform to showcase their talent."

When we were invited for the making of the look book for designer Charu Parashar's Autumn Winter 2013 collection by our friend Ananya Abrol, a talented lifestyle and fashion photographer ..... little did we know about the journey we were about to embark on ...... It is one thing to view a runway collection and write insipid details with ones limited perspective of the designers creative process .... It is truly wonderful and magical when one has the chance to understand the conception and execution of a collection with a commentary by someone as passionate and intelligent as Charu .... We at Delhi Style Blog invite you to take a journey of a story starting with the Theban Necropolis of ancient Egypt ...... to the Arabesque art of Islamic architecture of the 9th century ...... to the Renaissance art movement of the fag end of the 16th century in France and Italy ....... to the soundtrack of Max Kestner's movie "Copenhagen Dreams" by Johann Johannsson, an Icelandic music composer who tells the story of a lonely city, the melancholy of its inhabitant's fragile life, and the sadness of passing life ...... Are you with us yet ? Hahahaha .... You would be wondering .... its just a bunch of clothes .... whats up with the elongated history lesson ? ..... But have you ever wondered why high couture garments are so "wonderfully" priced ? .... Why are certain Fashion Designers so coveted ? ..... Why should a frivolous confection of couture fashion even matter ..... in a world of recession, economic stress and general apathy of a busy life ? ..... The answer dear readers is literally blowing in the wind ..... High end Fashion Designers are essentially dreamers of beauty and everything that is beautiful in this ephemeral world .... They weave the stories of events past into collections where you are reminded of the golden years of human achievement ..... and you connect with history, heritage, art and culture in a single piece of garment pregnant with all these motifs !!

Charu Parashar Autumn Winter 2013 by Ananya Abrol

Day 4 at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2013 started so early that we bet most of us peeps covering it would be dreaming of nothing else but a good night's sleep tonight in preparation for the last day tomorrow ..... However we are indefatigable warriors of the thread .... Hahaha and report the ondits ... we must !!!! So here is a super quick post on the early birds today, Rina Dhaka and Sanchita Ajjampur ... Enjoy :)

Rina Dhaka

Rina Dhaka Autumn Winter 2013 collection deftly illustrates the contemporary trend of Digi prints. The design cultivation delved into ancestral Indian textiles for ingenuity which were scanned to create digital prints for the fabrics with cultivated patterns. The ensembles feature straight shifts and drop waist silhouettes, the popular empire and a line dresses with black as the reigning color. The chiffons, georgettes, organzas and stretch fabrics are festooned with prints of monochrome paisley, red and yellow ikat, tweed and honeycomb. Upfront, edgy and modern with nineties vibe, very resonant with the classic pizzazz and oomph that celebrates classic Rina Dhaka style, this collection evolves with every costume. The contemporary dresses with a puff organza sleeves, reminiscent of the nineties, the use of subtle colour blends of gray, maroon, black and white, it’s a season of looking back as much as the now. - Press Release

Manish Malhotra's show on Day 3 of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2013, was as grand and star studded as a finale event with model/ actors Jaqueline Fernandez, Esha Gupta and Siddarth Malhotra gracing the ramp ..... It was a show in typical Manish style .... The reigning God of Bollywood fashion and master craftsman showcased another brilliant traditional heritage art .... Phulkari and Bagh .... in his collection titled "Threads of Emotion" ...... A very apt title considering the art of Phulkari embroidery ( more about its history below) is a symbol of maternal love and faith .... usually passed on from mother to daughter as an ancestral tradition !! ... Montages of old Punjab in sepia prints flashed on screen segueing into beautiful embroidery pieces ....... Phulkari, a rural tradition of handmade embroidery, literally meaning “flower work” is an auspicious, head cover (odhni), embroidered by the versatile fingers of Punjabi women .... Embroidering on a Phulkari reveals a lot of ground cloth .... A variety of characters, forms and designs are scattered and embroidered on a Phulkari ..... With time Phulkari became increasingly elaborate and decorative which led to the evolution of a special ceremonial, Bagh Phulkari ...... Bagh literally means “garden of flowers”, and the term distinguishes the flowered Phulkari in that the embroidery is so profuse that the ground colour is no longer visible thus the embroidery becomes the fabric itself ..... Unlike Phulkari, Bagh demands more time and patience and more material, thereby increasing the expense ..... Thus Bagh set out to be a status symbol !! ..... Manish being Manish reinterpreted this ancient art form for the modern generation with his classic structure and superb detailing, which he is so famous for, especially among the Red Carpet crowd !!

Manish Malhotra winking as Esha Kapoor applauds Wills India Fashion Week AW 2013

Fashion Designer Anju Modi ..... she is soft spoken, elegant, ladylike, humble, gracious and has the most sweetest beaming innocent smile .... When she speaks, you can sense the deep knowledge and passion she has for her craft .... you can see the effervescence in her lit up eyes as she expounds on her favourite topic .... shy, but not retiring, deeply pleased within herself .... she exudes such an air of contentment and sweetness, that you would want to hug her right away ..... but at the same time anyone who knows her would first express respect, because this petite lovely lady is one of India's most precious knowledge resource of indigenous textile and weaves ..... A revered couturier, she has been working tirelessly with master artisans across the country to revive age old Indian techniques in weaving, vegetable dyeing, block printing and traditional embroidery ..... She is equally adept at keeping up with global trends and the younger market .... And her collection which she showcased to a standing ovation in the ongoing Wills India Fashion Week 2013 was a masterclass in how to feature a global style trend .... in this case, military .... in a desi contemporary avataar which makes you sit up and go WOW collectively .... A true blue Steel Magnolia is our Anju Modi .... total respect from Delhi Style Blog Ma'am :)

Last year while studying in Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design, I stayed at Connaught Hall, one of the University of London residences ...... The nearest Underground station was Russell Square and opposite that was the Brunswick Mall ..... British Telecom was marking the 25th anniversary of the charity, ChildLine with the launch of BT ArtBox, a vast, open-air art exhibition featuring its iconic Red Telephone Booth as an Art installation ........ On seeing Masaba's telephone booth prints i was instantly transported back to my idle evenings at Brunswick Mall where there was this Telephone Booth by UK based Indian origin artist Natasha Kumar, called Rangoli .... It had Lord Krishna in repeat motifs of Holi colours ..... I don't know if Masaba ever saw the collection of Telephone Booth installations strewn across London, ..... But to use the motif of such an enduring London icon has surely pulled the venerable house of Satya Paul into the funky global and very au current trend of "Fashion is Fun" for the young generation ..... And given that Fashion is the only medium that allows you to wear whatever age you feel like irrespective of your actual years on earth ..... Masaba Gupta has certainly pulled off a Super woman feat ..... taking charge of a garment with more than 5000 years of history and absolutely funking it up for a sartorially global tribe of Indian women who is up to date with the latest trends in the International Fash map and are equally fiercely proud of their heritage :) ..... The press release for Masaba's first venture as creative head of Satya Paul very dominantly asserts the emergence of The Satya Paul Girl ..... ( note, not Woman, the word deliberately used is Girl ) ..... Make no mistake, this young designer in her 20's means business and Satya Paul could not have made a more cunning choice of Creative Head to change the label's image of a Saree only player to someone who dresses the young girl about town or a quirky fashionista who carries matching luggage and totes ( Satya Paul also launched its by Masaba Luggage and Bag line, Trendy !!)

Manish Arora and Amrapali Jewels collaborated for the just concluded Paris Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2013 ready to wear collection presentation ..... This is the second time that India's most maverick international fashion designer joined hands with an equally world famous Indian jewellery brand often worn by the likes of Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez among others ..... If the aim was to showcase Indian design sensibility in a contemporary manner, they have no doubt succeeded .... because Paris seems stunned ... Even their most famed macaroons at Maison Laduree fails to rope in so many colours and flavours like Manish can ..... Its a heritage thing :) .... Even if your inspiration came from an Art gathering in the middle of a dried lake bed in the Nevada desert (look up Burning Man festival on google :) .... the skies of the desert would very much compare to the landscape of our Rajasthan ( Hasli jewellery from Rajasthan on ramp for Amrapali ) ..... and the effigy burning at Burning Man would surely remind Manish of our Ramlila Ravanas with their neon and psychedelic paint ..... As Indians, we at Delhi Style Blog are fascinated with the stories Manish weaved in this amazing collection which we will be privileged to see up close and personal on 17th March, 2013 at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week's grand finale !!

One of the colour trends that is continuing this year is blue in all its shades ... For over 20 years, Pantone, the global authority on color, has surveyed the designers of Fashion Weeks and beyond to bring you the season's most important color trends ..... and they have ear marked Monaco Blue as one of the hottest shades of Spring/ Summer 2013 .... Pantone's executive director Leatrice Eiseman said, "It speaks to the practicality that we are seeing in society" ..... There is still a concern about the state of the global economy and recession and it seems like its the fashion industry's nod to economics ... But we whose passion lies in fashion and frivolously fritter our time watching fashion shows around the globe like a hawk .... have been filing this colour that falls somewhere between navy and cobalt blue, for sometime now .... and experimented around town as part of our daily wear !! .... We have joyously found out, that its just so right for the Indian skin tone and the colours we love in our culture and heritage ..... after all our handsomest Gods in the land of a million Gods have always been depicted in blue ...... Neelkanth aka Lord Shiva and Ghanashyam aka Lord Krishna :) ..... Apart from Fashion Week trend forecasts and mythology .... The colour in its brighter avatar of the azure seas of tiny Monaco ( its a country to the south of France and famous for its Grand Prix, Princess Grace and as the playground of the rich and beautiful) ...... was also seen on the red carpet of the most famous show on earth - the Oscars 2013 :) .... We shot S's favourite guinea pig - D in a Zara blue dress accessorised with different colour combinations and happily state that this is one colour that can be repeatedly married to different colours to create unending conjugal bliss !!! Lol .... Heheheh ... See how a blue dupatta made S do a surprise lil jig of spring ..... read on :D

This is our first post based on reader queries ..... When we did the fashion review for Skyfall, we did not anticipate the amount of interest in the sartorial preferences of the world's most famous spy ... aka James Bond ... aka Daniel Craig, the latest Bond ! ..... Though we tried to be as exhaustive as possible in our James Bond style file .... we didnot address the style of his tie knot .... A tiny oversight on our part we thought .... But the queries kept coming and coming .... hence here it is .... Our step by step instruction of how to tie a tie knot Agent 007 style :)

Daniel Craig as James Bond in Skyfall in Four in Hand tie knot

Imagine a funny feathered fellow who used to live happily on the island of Mauritius ..... Discovered by humans in 1598 ..... and because it was a friendly bird and fearless of its human predators (having been isolated by its island location, from contact with humanity) ..... the Dodo greeted the new visitors with a child-like innocence which earned it its name "Dodo" (meaning something similar to a simpleton in the Portuguese tongue) .... and because it could not fly to save its ..... err .... 'donkey' .... It was caught, roasted and massacred for its easy meat by humans and their domesticated entourage of cats, dogs and pigs ..... by 1681, the entire species of bird was wiped out of the planet ! ..... "The extinction of the Dodo within only about a century of its discovery called attention to the previously unrecognised problem of human involvement in the disappearance of entire species .... it has since become a fixture in popular culture, often as a symbol of extinction and obsolescence." - Wikipedia ....... In 1995 Pomellato (Italian jewellery group) decided to create a new jewellery brand called DoDo .... that could satisfy two principal criteria: (1) be more affordable in order to reach out to a younger client base, (2) highlight the importance of sentiments and ecology (hence the name DoDo, an extinct bird of the Mauritius Islands) in a world turning rapidly materialistic ....... Therefore they tied up with WWF (World Wildlife Fund) .... the leading organization in wildlife conservation and endangered species .... DoDo the brand supports and contributes to WWF by the sale of the cutest animal charms and pendants we have ever seen ..... no wonder fashionistas and the stylish set like to be seen in DoDo jewellery .... in memory of a bird that stands for the need to maintain eco-diversity on the planet and protect it for our future generations !!!!

Marc Jacobs is shameless !! ..... We kid you not .... so says his tattoo over his superbly muscled chest wall to the left of his sternum :p ...... 33 tattoos and counting .... If ever there was a poster boy for creativity in the multiple satellite field of fashion .... Marc Jacobs it is ..... inspite of pushing 50 .... he is gorgeously fashioned and on the way to being a vintage icon in the footsteps of old uncle Karl and other fashion luminaries ..... The latest news is that hunky Marc has been appointed the creative director 2013, for Diet Coke, the world’s number one diet soft drink as the brand celebrates its milestone 30th Anniversary this year ...... So what does this insanely talented designer and hottie do as brand new seller of the world's most fashionable drink ? ...... Why put on his kilt ( scottish mini skirt for men with faux chastity belt thingy hanging around the waist :p ) ..... get into a photo booth and strips for the ladies of course ..... HAVE YOU SEEN the ads peeps ? ...... If you have not, you are most welcome to ogle this dish on our blog ..... Do check out Marc Jacobs swigging a can of Diet Coke ...... Holy Mother of God ...... Talk about forbidden apples ..... for the ladies of course ..... Hahahahahahaha ..... Allow us to point out THAT tattoo on his manly left forearm .... " Bros Before Hos " ..... waste of a superb male specimen we say !!

It is the biggest award show of the year !! .... whichever way you want to look at it .... The Oscars is THE most recognised and viewed award show of the planet ..... and for the general public, apart from the movies and its peripheral galaxy .... it is also the biggest fashion parade on earth ! .... The red carpet arrivals of the 'It' stars are in an entertainment genre all by itself .... every look is captured and dissected by fashion critics and opinion makers under the harshest of competitive showmanship of who wore what ...... the opinions are endless and the media merciless in presenting those opinions ..... We at Delhi Style Blog had a rather sleepless night too .... India time being what it is ..... by 6 AM IST we were literally propping up our eyelids with matchsticks !! ..... By now we all know who won what ... and at a fast recap .... Best Picture : Argo .... Best Actor in a Leading Role : Daniel Day-Lewis ..... Best Actress in a Leading Role : Jennifer Lawrence ..... Best Actor in a Supporting Role : Christoph Waltz ...... Best Actress in a Supporting Role : Anne Hathaway .... Best Director : Ang Lee .... Now for the style files ladies and gentlemen ..... Prepare to be disappointed ..... Yes, that's right ..... we were pretty disappointed with all this pale beige, lavender, sea foam blue and pale pale skin and make up that the western world is so taken up with .... The Hollywood glamour that we have come to expect from the Oscar red carpet A listers was missing this year ..... Nothing and nobody was sensational .... General media ( read western and a few of our national dailies) was flogging a dead horse raving about looks that would be about average in any other year !! ... Have a look at the circus and see if you disagree :)

" I want to be a living work of art" - The Marchesa Luisa Casati
Marchesa Luisa Casati was an iconic european socialite whose opulent life revolved around decadent fashion and over the top moments ...... The fashion label Marchesa, named after this famed fashionista has been a New York-based high end fashion label since 2006 and was co-founded by British born Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig in London in 2004 ..... Elegant evening wear, inspired by vintage and Asian influences, defines the Marchesa Collection and has been a glamorous red carpet favourite for long !! ..... For their fall collection at the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week Fall 2013 .... Marchesa did not disappoint ..... After all befitting its namesakes desire to be a living work of art, the designers were influenced by an equestrian Goya painting and a pair of Toreador pants .... Art and fashion were never better married in recent times ....... We are totally in love with the collection, particularly an incredible strapless fuchsia gown that every stylist dressing Hollywood stars worth her name must be salivating over ..... given that the Oscars are just around the corner on 25th Feb :)

Last year in spring I(D) was in the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) Los Angeles, for campus open house, with my portfolio of illustrations .... and my admission advisor Bryanne Hill was bragging about a certain alumni whose name i didn't quite catch but definitely sounded French to my ear .... As I was shown around the campus, we came across a Limited Edition Designer Barbie Doll collection amongst which was one by the above esteemed alumni ...... Monique Lhuillier ( pronounced : moNEEK loolYAY ... The caps part are emphasized more than the non-caps :p ) ...... OF COURSE i knew about Monik Lui Li er !!!! ( the Indian pronunciation my friends hahahaha) .... Anybody Indian who watches the Oscars and have a drop of motherland-blood-loyalty towards AR Rahman would know about the queen of the Hollywood glamour set, if sartorially inclined of course ( 2 things about typical Indians - 1. nobody knows what the Academy Awards are, everybody knows the Oscars, since Lagaan, when it didn't win, and for the late bloomers, since Pussycat Dolls sang Jai Ho wearing cholis and dhotis ...... 2. everybody knows a fashion designer but we trust the sartorial sense of our local darzis(tailors) to make us fantastic copies (even of Monique after this post :p) at a rupee-economy-rate ) ..... Having said that my dear readers, we know how to appreciate a fabulous collection .... especially if it is in jewel colours of oxblood red, royal purple, emerald green, amethyst, silver, gold and bronze .... And that is what Monique Lhuillier presented in the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, Fall 2013 !!!!!!

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