Designer Chhaya Mehrotra showcased her collection "Bubbly in Paris" in the recently concluded Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 16 .... The show started with a lilting track with a bubbly schoolgirl in plaits, school bag and tennis keds .... who skipped onto the ramp, bright eyed and full of a young hearts curiosity .... Bubbly SS16 was obviously a return of the character of "Bubbly Banarsi", who first took the ramp in Chhaya's Spring Summer 15 collection !! .... Not many know, but "Bubbly" happens to be the designer's nickname and Banaras happens to be her hometown :) ... So if last Spring's "Bubbly" was essentially a small town ingenue .... This Spring, Bubbly has travelled from Banaras to Paris ... and the sights and sartorial influences of the French capital has coloured her small town dreams as showcased in the beautiful amalgamation of Banarsi prints, brocades with French street style inspiration !! ... We caught up with the designer for a tete a tete after her successful show, closed by ace journalist Shereen Bhan in a stunningly elegant handcrafted handloom saree with scalloped edges and french rose embroidery :)

Chhaya Mehrotra Bubbly in Paris SS16 AIFW
Chhaya Mehrotra Bubbly in Paris SS16 AIFW

Designer Vaishali Shadangule's collection this Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 16, Yajna, the Woven Universe, was based on the simple concept of Fabric as thread, and Thread as fabric ... Sounds simple, doesn't it ? ... But to most Indians, the term "Yajna" (literal meaning sacrifice) is the central concept of "Shrota" ... the tradition that follows from the "Shruti" (theVedas) ..... The Hindu Vedas define Yajna as more than the mere connotation that the English word "Sacrifice" carries .... Yajna, derived from the root word "Yaj" (to worship) is thus described in the Gita : "All life is said to be a yajña. Every action, when made as an offering to the Īśvara (God/deity), is a yajña. Worshipping, eating food, fighting war, creating wealth, contributing to human knowledge, running family, each of these is a yajña. Doing these as offerings to derive something greater, makes these actions yajñas. When these actions are not done for material gain but with a selfless motive, that is the highest form of yajña. Sacrifice brings transcendence (a state of being beyond the limits of material experience).Transcendence through sacrifice is the meaning of life in the Vedic religion."
 The designer in her press note says of Yagna SS16 The Woven Universe : "the collection is an effort to interpret vedic concepts through Indian hand woven textiles and unique modern silhouettes" .... The term "Universe" itself is a construct of the human mind ... Science and modern philosophy based on rational theories, are just that ... Theories, not proof, of how we came about .... How the idea of the Universe as we know it, took shape .... out of the millions of human thoughts that wove it into a story defined by chronological time and space !! ... So if we are to paraphrase the thoughts as the Threads ... the resultant idea of the Universe is the Fabric ... and vice versa ... If the Universe is a thought, constructed out of millenniums of thought processes ... the Fabric can also be a Thread, constructed out of millions of threads .... in action as a thread, in the bigger canvass of the fabric ... Everything is connected, everything is one ... and Vaishali S has brought this Vedic concept alive in her collection ... Her ensembles are a homage to the eternal thread, and every outfit and accessory is designed to reflect this worship of the woven universe !!

Vaishali S Yajna SS16 The Woven Universe AIFW

The moment i realized that Sahil Kochhar would be presenting his collection Phool Mandi Festive Winter 2015 at Lakme Fashion Week, Mumbai ... i was dismayed !! ... Just because he has been showcasing in Delhi since his debut collection, and we made a great personal connection post his first show, i always anticipated him showing at the capital's FDCI event ... In other words, i selfishly hoped he always showed in Delhi ... because we don't attend the Mumbai fashion circuit :p ... and well to be really honest, he is one of the brightest upcoming talent in the country !! ... His debut show a year and a half back, knocked the wind out of the jaded frows, editors and designers alike .... I think it was the most recorded show on social media that season ... and his industry mentor, the legendary designer Rohit Bal gave him a standing ovation and bear hug after his final bow !! ... And all of a sudden, the fashion fraternity had the words Malakars (garland makers) and Sholapith, a craft form from West Bengal on their lips ! ... Such was the artistry and sheer mastery he had .... over the 3D hand cut embroidery, and other exquisite surface details over silhouettes .... which was as modern in form as was timeless !! ... From that first collection, "Phuler Tora" (bouquet of flowers) to this latest one, his fourth, "Phool Mandi" (flower market) ..... one senses quite a vast, albeit rapid journey ... and we caught up with our young friend to talk about his tryst with flower power and his dreams of the perfect future show :)

Sahil Kochhar Phool Mandi AW 2015 Lakme Fashion Week
Sahil Kochhar Phool Mandi AW 2015 Lakme Fashion Week

Karishma Shahani Khan was not exactly on my radar two months back ... In all honesty, operating out of the Delhi means that one misses out on designers showing in Mumbai or other cities ... As an accredited blogger with the Fashion Design Council of India, our haunts have been the Fashion and Couture Weeks in the capital ... But we have been following our Prime Minister's call for a return to our sartorial roots with the Reinvent Banaras campaign this season across all fashion weeks in the country ... and although the label KaSha by Karishma Shahani Khan has been around for a few years, it was only during this recently concluded Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai, that we sat up and took notice of Kasha by Karishma Shahani Khan's collection,  Chavi AW15 !! ... Khan’s label ‘Ka:Sha’ was found in 2011 post her graduation from the London College of Fashion, United Kingdom .... and focuses on design as a form of storytelling .... The philosophy of her products lies in visualizing design as a celebration with an aim to ‘Think global, act local’ ... Glocal in short :) ... The label is influenced by the multi layer sensibility of Indian Fashion .... given the size of our nation ..... with a clear demarcation not only of topography ....  but also different cultural ecosystems with their own weaves, textile heritage and sartorial choices !! ... Creating individuality in this world striving for identity is a quest for Kasha ... and this is reflected quite aptly in the street style layering of Indian elements in her Autumn Winter collection "Chavi" which means "image" or a "persona" .... A picture of an Indian woman just like us .... who straddles our Glocal ambiguity quite comfortably .... without heeding any stereotyped notions of how a modern Indian should dress or be :)

Kasha by Karishma Shahani Khan Chavi AW15
Ka:Sha - Weaving sustainable stories in fashion

I was eagerly looking forward to textile revivalist and designer Gaurang Shah's Autumn Winter 2015 presentation - the "Shringar of Samyukta" , at the recently concluded Lakme Fashion Week ... As a storyteller first and foremost, the whole concept of Samyukta grabbed our attention like no other .... Among all the designers who took up the call to "Reinvent Banaras" at the Indian Handlooms and Textiles Day at LFW for the revival of the Banarasi (Varanasi) handlooms, .... Gaurang's collection of 44 heritage, handcrafted, textile outfits .... all in the hues of the Indian sindoor /vermillion .... stood out in passionate homage to Samyukta, the princess of Kannauj and queen of Delhi !! ... All Indians are familiar with the tragic story of the freedom loving Rajput king Prithviraj Chauhan and his romance of Samyukta, princess of a rival kingdom .... Now the word "Shringar" means adornment or beauty rituals and the "Shringar of Samyukta" refers to the bridal preparation of the royal princess ... Her red wedding dress, jhoomkas, nose ring, bindi and the vermillion on her hair parting ... all these images of a new bride were to be reinvented in exquisite bridal handcrafted couture !! ... The icing on the cake was that the show was to be conceptualized and styled by our friend and fellow blogger Pallavi Datta ( Pallavi Style Diaries) , whose fierce appreciation of India's handloom heritage has been an inspiration to us at DSB ! ... "As a handloom textile enthusiast, it has been a dream of mine to present the luxurious option of handwoven bridal wear to a young woman today. I have been a bystander in many a bridal outfit choosing process to know what a challenge it is for a bride to have a say in it, 'assisted' as she is by a whole range of opinionated relatives. My day is made when I meet a girl who stands her ground and shuns trend driven choices, 'what-ifs' by relatives and knows her mind to create a look for herself that is a reflection of her personality, her heritage and her brave female ancestors like Samyukta. By choosing to marry a fierce freedom fighter - Prithviraj Chauhan - Samyukta chose a harsh, patriotic life over cushy, passive existence with a docile prince. I styled and curated this collection by Gaurang as a celebration and an ode to this daughter of the land."

Gaurang Shah LFW AW15 Samyukta Varanasi handloom
Gaurang Shah : Shringar of Samyukta, Varanasi weaves,
Model Archana Akhil Kumar and Rachel Maria Bayros

Every Suneet Varma couture show is remembered, as vividly for its show styling as the actual collection itself ! ... Suneet's signature elements lend an idiom to his presentations, which for its consistency, hardly finds parallel in the Indian Fashion pantheon ... Take the famous metal breastplate first showcased on model Shyamolie Verma in his 1992 collection "The Greek Sculptures" ... It has been re invented again in other fashion stories and has made countless appearances on the pages of Vogue and other fash mags till date ... For students of Indian Fashion, that breast plate says "Suneet Varma" even without credit mention !! .... Or the hugely popular and staple Suneet Varma tiered long skirt !! .... It fans out in yards and yards of sensuous fabric and any supermodel worth her salt has twirled or dreamed of twirling in that iconic skirt, just once in any of his couture presentations .... If one were to walk down memory lane, every show can actually be categorized according to the "It skirt twirling" moment of each show :) .... But the most iconic of all his style elements, is undoubtedly the magnificent SV headdress !! .... Whether it is tied in silk organza turban like ... or it is a massive fountain of exotic plumes .... or a gem studded Sarpech / Indian tiara ... or most recently, birds in flight soaring dramatically from invisible hair frames ... Suneet Varma's iconic turbans and head dresses are the Soprano in his sartorial Opera !! .... When we got a chance to style one of his headdresses on Aanchal for India Bridal Fashion Week, we were ecstatic beyond jumping with joy, and this is how we styled it :)

Suneet Varma Couture Headdress AIFW AW15

Nobody brings out the brilliance of cut crystals like Swarovski !! … During the recently concluded India Bridal Fashion Week, Swarovski Crystal illuminated the bridal collections of 8 of India’s foremost couturiers in a dazzling glamour of a million sunbeams “Between Heaven and Earth” !! … With more than a hundred years’ experience of high-quality craftsmanship and mastery in cutting ... these light-filled crystals of breathtaking range and brilliance lit up the “Big Fat Indian Wedding” ensembles to create a spectacle of such impossible glamour …. that this marriage season, there cannot be any bride left who wouldn't wish and yearn for a Swarovski encrusted couture masterpiece !! … Through the Swarovski Partner Program, …. Abu Jani - Sandeep Khosla, JJ Valaya, Gauri and Nainika, Jyotsna Tiwari, Rina Dhaka, Shantanu and Nikhil, Tarun Tahiliani and Suneet Varma …. showcased the best of the trends and designs in bridal couture week … with exquisite, on-trend Swarovski elements … reflecting in an intuitive creative smorgasbord of art and design !!

Swarovski has been the premium brand for the world’s finest crystals since 1895 and these are the stars in the new collection of crystal cuts, colours and effects from Swarovski Crystal for India Bridal Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2015 .... For lovers of Swarovski, this is our closing report on the beautiful collaboration with Swarovski Couture and the foremost of India's couturiers !! Do have a look :)


Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla

Swarovski Crystal Metallic Sunshine Abu Sandeep, Sonam Kapoor
Swarovski Crystal Metallic Sunshine Abu Sandeep

We got some Fossil Style for you this summer, dearest readers ... If you are based in Delhi, you already know that we hosted a Mixology Watch Bar event for Fossil India at Delhi's swanky DLF Promenade store !! .... Being in such close proximity with all the latest collections during the event, we couldn't help but imagine and plan outfit look books with the fabulous goodies in store :) ... Fossil's spring summer collection 2015 is a "season of carefree days and limitless possibilities" ... in hues of Cobalt Blue to Nautical Navy, splashed with summer yellow and tan orange ... where ladylike silhouettes get inspired by menswear styling ... the jewellery is mini but majorly collectible .... the bags conveniently handsfree and functional for the girl on the move .... the eyewear classically carefree with a vintage vibe .... and the watches are not just arm candy cool, but the perfect boyfriends !! .... We got you some phenomenal Fossil Style from work to play ..... from office to vacay .... from a sleek chic diva to a wild child boho .... and all the goodies featured here, available right now in store :)

Fossil Style India
Fossil Style

Our journey with Raymond Linen started with a pretty box from Raymond containing two Linen scarves, one Indigo and one with a Floral print .... along with a Sandalwood and Mogra handmade natural Soap bars, and a divine Champagne and Passion Fruit wax candle ... all wrapped up in a trademark Raymond long box :) .... Raymond had recently launched a hundred percent pure Linen line of fabrics ... and they had sent us this beautiful gift to showcase their new launch !! ... The scarves are richly coloured with scalloped edges, and we have been putting them to good use wearing them around town .... As a result of a thank you conversation, the good folks at Raymond invited us to The Raymond Shop at Breach Candy, Mumbai to experience the fine fabrics and their latest products first hand !! .... In our previous post, we had written about Raymond's collaboration with designer Suket Dhir, who calls Linen a "free spirited fabric" .... Imagine our delight, when Raymond asked us if we would like to style Linen as a garment made out of their latest range of fabrics .... If you have been following our blog posts, you would know how much we have fallen in love with Linen, after our up, close and personal encounter with the fabulous team at Raymond .... So we gratefully took up on their offer, and got in touch with Suket Dhir, to collaborate on a design for our own personal style story !! .... Needless to say, the clothes are completely us, and we are very indebted to Suket for infusing us with the feel, the structure and fall of this beautiful natural fabric ... After all, what's real feels real ... Presenting Raymond Linen 2015 in collaboration with Suket Dhir and Delhi Style Blog :)

Raymond Linen 2015 Whats real feels real
Raymond Linen 2015 What's real feels real

Raymond recently launched a hundred percent pure Linen line, produced from long staple fibres, that is offered in a wide range available in counts of 44 Lea to 150 Lea (finest in the world) ... The launch of Raymond Linen 2015 was announced with an exclusive collection by our friend and fashion designer Suket Dhir, who calls the Raymond Linen range a "free spirited" fabric, just like him :) Linen is a live Natural Fibre that comes from the Flax plant .... which grows all over the Mediterranean region and Central Asia .... Pure linen sheets were a luxurious trousseau choice of the Anglo Saxons famed for their flaxen hair ( golden or blonde, the natural colour of linen) ... and they used to pass on their "linen" on to generations after them because of its durability !! .... Even ancient Greece and later, the Renaissance Italians considered linen a symbol of luxury ... Linen is a complete lifestyle by itself !! …. And no Gentleman’s wardrobe and home furnishing is complete without the finest linen … be it the ancient Greeks or the modern suave Indian !!
So what are the properties of Linen as a fabric, that has made it so famous in history ? .... Many and plentiful says team Raymond, on our recent visit to The Raymond Shop, for the unveiling of Raymond Linen 2015 ... We hope you have caught up with our tryst with Raymond in this article HERE and HERE :) 

Raymond Linen 2015 What's real Feels real
Raymond Linen 2015 by Suket Dhir

When we first saw the lookbook of Designer Pawan Sachdeva 's latest collection for summer, we were the most excited people on the planet !! .... We always wanted to do a Victoriana concept shoot, and when Pawan shared his latest design collection, "A Victorian Monologue" with us, it was as if he heard our unsaid wishes :) .... It is always super fun to collaborate with Pawan, who is an avid co conspirator to our wild imaginings of styling shoots with a strong storyline sensibility ... The last time we styled and shot for him, we put the Pawan Sachdeva girl as Alice in the Discotheque ... an Alice who is a dreamer and carries her wonderland wherever she goes, even to the disco !! .... That shoot was super fun, and we hope you take a tiny detour and read our adventures in styling Alice :) ... But today, the Pawan Sachdeva girl is in the mood for a Monologue ... She wants to tell you about her transition from a maiden to a married lady .... clothed in the elegance and refined sensibility of the Victorian period .... in a palette of beige, softness, light and luxury .... a story in two frames !

Designer Pawan Sachdeva A Victorian Monologue

There are many things that go into making a complete man .... what you wear is just one of them ... The Complete Man ... Raymond, fine fabrics since 1925 :) ... Those are the voice over lines that resonated in my head from my earliest memories of seeing the Raymond's Ad on Tv ... We were on our way to visit The Raymond Shop (TRS) at Breach Candy, Mumbai ... to see and feel their latest fabric launch for the summer of 2015 - Linen !! ... By now i hope you have read the previous post about the incredible first 55 years of Raymond .... The eighties started under the stewardship of Dr Vijaypat Singhania until 2000, when he handed over the legacy of the Indian textile giant to his son Gautam ... The JK House at Breach Candy, Mumbai is the location for The Raymond Shop and the Raymond Made to Measure floors .... Though we were prepped to have a pleasant experience, in all my life, i have never come across a company with such a big heart and hospitable warmth like Raymond !! .... And that's saying a lot !! ... Nothing had prepared me for the employees at Raymond .... Starting from the chauffeur who picked us up from the Airport ... An immaculately groomed gentleman in Raymond livery who passionately gave us a running commentary of the history of South Bombay on the way to JK House .... To team Raymond who hosted us ... To the wonderfully polite and affable floor staff .... Every person at every point of contact was suffused with pride that they not only worked for Raymond, but they were Raymond !!!! ..... Its one thing to have an efficient employee, but to have every single employee bursting with pride, with ownership, with a sense of belonging, of being family, is rare .... So so rare !! .... Aanchal and i were amazed at the level of warmth we experienced !! ... Here we share with you, our fabulous trip to The Raymond Shop, and the phenomenally cool fabrics we lusted over during our visit to give you an overview of their modern day history :)

The Raymond Shop Breach Candy Mumbai Linen 2015
Aanchal with the latest candy coloured Raymond Linen 2015 

How does one even begin to trace the story of a legacy brand like Raymond which is even older than one’s grandmother or great grand mother ? … We at Delhi Style Blog has always been fascinated with legacy brands and their stories of evolution … Everyone is going somewhere … for some the paths have been more important than the journey … and for some, the destination have been more important than either the path or the journey …. And for a select few uber survivors, the point of origin has always been equally important as the ongoing path, journey or destination … These are the people and brands that have forged their own paths through nascent territories, picking up and assimilating all that is good, great and formative along each trail …. In the 90 years of Raymond’s existence … India and its people have grown from strength to strength on all frontiers … As we traced the story of Raymond, and researched on it, it became intertwined with the story of India emerging … If any student of history or more precisely, Indian fashion history were to select one constant to create a timeline of change and prosperity of a growing India … Raymond’s evolution could well be that constant !! … Everybody remembers Raymond as the fabric of choice from their childhood …. That in itself is saying something … If you wanted a suit stitched, its gotta be Raymond …. if you wanted to gift during wedding season, birthdays or anniversaries, it was always Raymond suiting and shirting …. The local darzis too measured your social worth with the type of fabric you took along to stitch … Because they knew all the price ranges of the local Raymond stores and stock …. In a childhood ruled by Doordarshan, i still remember aspiring for headphones seeing model Anu Ahuja in a Raymonds Ad, and then dream romantically about The Complete Man as depicted by Raymond !! … In those young days, i did not know yet that i would grow up to be a fashion or lifestyle blogger … But the fashion and lifestyle ads was something i can recall with perfect clarity … There was the Digjam man Shekhar Kapur, the Mayur guy Shahrukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan coming home to Siyaram … But none compare to the Raymond man, he was the universal man, father, brother, going to be husband … A girl could dream of the Complete Man with the Raymond ad … her Man !! … No wonder the ad was such a success … Even the music is unforgettable, you hear it and you know that that's Raymond music …. Washing powder Nirma, Mango Fruity fresh and Juicy, Action ka School Time, Raymond The Complete Man …. these were part of my childhood much much before i discovered Vogue, McQueen and Central Saint Martins …. And these brands had one unique common ingredient … Trust !! … The creation of trust in the hearts of consumers is the cornerstone of any legacy brand … and Raymond in its 90 years of existence has earned the trust of five generations of the common man to the discerning global digital nomad !!

Raymond 1925 - 2015 celebrating the complete man
One of the oldest Raymond the Complete Man ad

Dear Diary, Ma has a red Sabyasachi saree that i have loved since the first time i tried it on while playing dress up with my cousins ... I always used to tell Ma that i wanted the same saree as part of my wedding trousseau ... I grew up, forgot all about the matter, until the day before my marriage !! ... Ma said she had a special gift for me ... and handed over this beautiful vintage Sandook, a family heirloom which i had coveted for long :) ... Inside the Sandook, was a very familiar beloved jewellery case in navy velvet and i smiled knowing that Ma had gifted me one of her hammered Gold jewellery set ... Then came a set of Bell Metal Puja utensils with a twinkle eyed Thakurji on a beautiful pillow which she had embroidered herself .... And at the very bottom was a tissue wrapped bow tied parcel which i couldn't figure out .... As i looked up at Ma, she gently smiled and said that she had waited a long time to find me the perfect red Sabyasachi saree like the one she has and which i love !! ... I teared up with emotion and hugged my Ma desperately .... knowing that my carefree girlhood and reckless youth was now behind me .... and from the next day on i will be responsible for my own family and its responsibilities .... I was scared but breathless with anticipation about this new phase of life .... Knowing that Ma was just a phone call away was a much needed solace and i was determined to do her proud in my new home and family .... So i finally wore Ma's Sabyasachi Saree gift, for my first Satyanarayan Puja as a bride, at the family temple :) .... I cannot express how good it felt to see the look of utter surprise and delight in "his" eyes ... because until now, hubby thought i was a tattooed denim loving modernista who wouldn't know or care about wearing a traditional saree !! ... Well, he is in for a big surprise, because much as i love my denims, i love and cherish my carefully curated traditional trousseau too .... and i intend to delight him with more unexpected sartorial choices haha !! .... Just look at the beautiful photographs he took of me !! ... I am sending these pics to Ma in an album as a thank you for being the best Mother in the whole wide world !!! ... He says i look like my Ma in these photographs .... and you know what my darling Diary .... that is the bestest compliment anyone has everrrrr given me :D

Sabyasachi Made on Order Carma Online Shop
Sabyasachi Tulle Embroidered Saree with bead work detail Carma Online Shop

Malini Ramani is a goddess ! ... One need not pursue any further explanation for a designer who flouts the trends every season, with every collection !! ... Who makes clothes for herself ... as her myriad mood pleases ... out of a vastness of a repertoire of travels and experiences both spiritual and visual ... But strangely enough ends up designing collections for Every Woman !! ... Deeply aware of her own femininity, her designs reflects this inner wild child goddess who flits from a dreamy mermaid avataar to a royal courtesan to a worldly sophisticate to a prom ingenue all in one collection !! .... The perfect muse of Malini Ramani as befits a goddess .... is all the fallible women made infallible by her sensuously celebratory garments !! ... We at DSB have always been big fans of the feminine glamour of Malini's designs ... and present to you an outfit from her Summer 2015 Holiday capsule collection, called "Sea Side" .... The Sea Side dress reminded us of Dorothy's blue gingham in our fav movie "Wizard of Oz" and we decided to take her out sunning on a beautiful April day in Delhi .... Though our home city is not beside the sea, we do have an abundance of greens and butterflies :) ... and had great fun in this young boho hoodie dress in summer cotton, paired with an uber cool pair of Malini Ramani Kolhapuri wedge shoes !

Malini Ramani Summer Resort 2015

Malvika Poddar is a fashion entrepreneur and custodian of one of Delhi's ritziest address "Sabyasachi @ CARMA" at Mehrauli , the jewel in the crown of Carma Creative, which also operates a multi designer store CARMA at Malcha Marg, Delhi and its online estore .... all stocking high quality Indian and trousseau wear ..... It is pretty  difficult to tick in Malvika Poddar into a neat box labelled fashion entrepreneur and near to impossible to slot the Carma Boutiques as only a multi designer store because both the person and the stores are so much a part of the legendary growth of the organised fashion retail landscape of India !! .... We at DSB have been blogging for 2 years, and almost every legendary Couturier and Designer we have come across personally till now has sometime or the other, been a part of the Carma journey .... After all, Carma is India's first fashion boutique !! ... Two decades back when it started, there was hardly any designer label to speak of ... and the present Gods of Indian fashion were just about starting their careers ... One of us at DSB, was not even born when CARMA was launched by Mrs. Lekha Poddar, Malvika's mother in law ... at the historical site of Lalkot, the first of the seven cities of ancient Delhi, also home to the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Qutub Minar .... In the early days of Indian designer wear, Carma was THE fashion destination to launch a fabulous design collection .... and what once housed the carriages of Delhi royalty, housed all that was the best and new in Indian fashion luxury, leading it to be listed in British Vogue as "one of the trendiest stores in the world". 

Malvika Poddar Carma Online

Suneet Varma's ‘Decorative Arts of India’ Spring Couture 2015 show for Lakme Fashion Week draws inspiration from the incredible traditional Motifs and Embroideries of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab and the Southern states of India with Topkapi elements taken from the Mughal period .... With any other couturier, so many diverse elements would be mind bogglingly difficult to pull off ... but trust Suneet to set the right grandeur for his show sponsor Reliance Jewels crown !! ... As a brand, Suneet Varma Couture has been showcasing spectacular collaborations time and again, and his Couture show at a mainly Summer Resort Pret Fashion Week must have been a super welcome for the May June brides who are even now putting their trousseau together !! .... This is one aspect of Indian Fashion Weeks that differ vastly from the International ones ... Bridal couture is required according to the Marriage Muhurats in a calendar year and the upcoming months of May and June is heavy duty bridal season requiring ensembles for all the elaborate functions Indian marriages entails ... be it a resort beach wedding, a royal palace wedding or glamorous bachelorettes and cocktails in jet set destinations !! ... And Suneet Varma Couture is one of the go to ateliers for any bride, bridesmaid or family ! ... The ensembles he showcased for his Spring couture line superbly complements the Rajasthani Kundan, Junagarhi Polki, Filigree, Nakashi and temple jewellery that he styled with such a master eye ... For the modern Indian too, he offered stunning separates in the form of corset blouses as crop tops, cropped jackets, shirt dresses, short tunics and capri trousers .... Our absolute favourites no doubt is Rikee Chatterjee's cape with trousers (third look), Sanea Sheikh's abstract mirror work jacket (look 18), Alesia Raut's long navy coat with hand embroidered mirror work jaal (looks 25), Sucheta Sharma's blush pink saree ( look 29), Candice Pinto's divine white on white ( look 32) and that deliciously pink and peach lehenga Rikee C rocks (look 34) !! 

Suneet Varma and Nargis Fakhri Lakme Fashion Week
Suneet Varma with showstopper Nargis Fakhri at Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 15

What could be better than repurposing Pepsi bottles into something that helps people who go without the most basic of human needs, such as electricity and light ? .... Pepsi is literally helping bring people out of the darkness and into the light, and that is something I can stand behind with conviction. - Nicola Formichetti

Pepsi Challenge Nicola Formichetti Liter of Light
Pepsi Challenge Nicola Formichetti Liter of Light

Yellow is the colour of Summer 2015, Manish Malhotra told us at his preview for his upcoming Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2015 on 18th March ... His diffusion line, currently in store, carries beautiful shades of yellow from the palest ripe lime to mustard honey ... For our Holi special, we decided to feature a beautiful mustard Kalidar set with a draped dupatta and churidar pants ... The upper tunic has mirror work on the collar and sleeves ... Manish is a master revivalist of traditional Indian silhouettes and his Kalidar suits are as famous as the celebrities who are often seen wearing them ... The Kalidar was most popular during the 18th and 19th centuries, and it saw a revival again during the 50's and 70's .... The seventies trend is strong on the Fall Winter 2015 international runways too ... And we decided to present a simple ensemble from Manish's diffusion line ... India's first dedicated Diffusion line .... which is equally appropriate for formal or informal occasions ... The beautiful fluidity of the garment coupled with the occasion of Holi ... the last full moon day in the Indian lunar month of Phalgun announcing the end of winter and heralding the beginning of spring ... made us attempt to create a palette of spring ... a palette of romance and longing .... when hearts yearn in commemoration of the divine love between Radharani and Lord Krishna ... The styling concept is from the classic films of the 1950's ... the era of Madhubala, Asha Parekh, Nargis, Meena Kumari and Waheeda Rehman .... where beauty lay in simplicity, innocence and a certain gracefulness of manner, both sartorial and physical ! ... We present to you, dear readers, a Song for Holi ... through a selection of the most beautiful lyrics that haunt every Indian soul to this day :)

Manish Malhotra Diffusion 2015

Today, even as luxury label Fendi announced its debut Haute Couture show which will take place in Paris Haute Couture Week in July … the internet is buzzing still about the Fendi Fall Winter 2015 Ready to Wear collection presented yesterday at Milan Fashion Week … Silvia Venturini Fendi said that the collection was inspired by the 20th century Swiss geometric abstractionist artist Sophie Taeuber-Arp’s sophisticated geometric abstractions which reflect the interplay between colour and form … This is Karl Lagerfeld’s 50th year of collaboration with Fendi and the master multitasker fashion legend sent down architectural silhouettes and geometry transformed into patterns … not only in autumn hues of black and rust … but also stunning winter pastels on the runway !! … Our favourite looks are definitely Kendall Jenner’s puffy short jacket with mini in shades of patchwork rust … all the patchwork furs and leather panelled midis … and the absolutely luxe, Lindsey Wixon’s closing fur !!  … Sam McKnight’s undone French twist ponytail and ruched leather headbands … and Peter Philips's graphic make up with cloggy mascara laden intense eyes totally complimented the jugalbandi of precision and volume of the clothes ! … In the accessories, we spotted the new Fendi Crazy Carats watch … the latest Fendi Peekaboo bag styled with Bird of Paradise flowers … the new Karlito bag charms ( mini Lagerfeld head topped with a Mohawk ) and key chains (personalised with initials, Lindsey’s had L and W ) … and the retro cat eye sunglasses … The shoes had elaborate Perspex heel constructions that looked like sheep hooves and we absolutely lust for the calf length fur cuffs … Do take a look at all the Runway looks and Closeup details :)

Fendi Fall Winter 2015

Nyx, Goddess of the Night, is the primordial Mother to other deities in the Greek pantheon and is seen rarely as a presence and mostly in shadows of the world ... Gaurav Gupta Couture 2014 collection takes place behind a wink of that Goddess, born of Chaos and terrifyingly powerful in her beauty .... This is our ode to the fantasy realm of ace couturier Gaurav Gupta's mindscape .... couture represented and populated by the young, the restless and the dreaming .... Here the shadow of Nyx is glimpsed through her great great grandson Pegasus, the divine winged stallion that rides the young sky of Uranus ... Gaurav's exquisite piece is married to wool yet unknit, yet undreamed into garments of structure .... The spirit is wild, untamed ... yet finding the warps and wefts of life that lines a journey into adult years ... Time, the shuttle will weave the loom ... but for now, let's dream !!

Gaurav Gupta Couture Wink of Nyx

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