The invites for Manish Arora's Spring Summer 2015 show, carried a candy coloured three eyed Goddess Kali image with a very trippy pink universe dotted with astral lights ... The moment we saw the invite on instagram, we got the first hint of a signature Manish Arora show .... colourful, sparkling and a swayamvar of modern and mythological references !! ..... Many in the non Indian world do not know that aeons before Miley Cyrus put "twerq" in the dictionary and stuck her tongue out at the world in general .... our very own Goddess Kali was werquing it , tongue dripping in blood on top of Lord Shiva, the destroyer of the Cosmos !! .... Hah ! Take that Miley .... you are just a pastel copy of Bhadra Kali, the Goddess in a gentle mood :p  ... Coz when Ma Kali twerqs her bootiyan .... heads roll, the Gods shiver in their pants, and even Dracula and the Cullens hide their vampire fangs !! .... Trust Manish, the supreme Zeus of the Indian pantheon of Couturiers .... to pull both these references into a wisecrack of a collection logo .... in presenting the Miley ness of Kali .... hahaha ... who would have ever thought of the terribly empowered Divine Goddess in pastel hues ? .... For that matter, who else but Manish to offer a common language .... between today's Global cultural icons recognised for their tongues in the West where he showed .... and the notoriously feared and worshipped deity from his creative mothership India !!

Manish Arora Spring Summer 2015 Goddess Kali
Manish Arora SS 2015

When Designer Pawan Sachdeva invited us to view his Spring Summer 2014 collection "The Urban Glam" .... we were thrilled to find his collection so very us !! .... It is trendy, summery, young, vibrant, urban with a delightful retro touch ... In fact the pleated circle skirts, tiered maxi and collared dresses inspired us to style a concept shoot with Lewis Carroll's Alice as inspiration :) ... In our eyes, Pawan's Alice is a dreamer .... She is urban, a budding fashionista, her day starts and ends with music and she is an avid reader, devouring magazines and fiction to people her imagination with grand adventures where she reigns as the impossibly enchanting heroine !! ... Even in her mundane day to day life, checking out the latest modish fashions on online stores, hunting for the perfect song list for her gym and zumba classes, meeting up with friends for coffee, lunch and movies, attending summer literary soirees as a privileged guest list member, shopping for elusive cool in curated trunk shows .... she is essentially a dreamer embellishing her life one beautiful sequin at a time ... Pawan's Alice, is in her Wonderland everywhere she goes .... even in the Discotheque :)

Pawan Sachdeva SS 14

"In the folds of these moments, there are some pure bonds .... Prayers of love are being recited and reverberated by some unseen Angels ... The earth is speechless and the sky bewildered with light .... so much light, that spreads to the heavens !! ... There is a melody in every awake and sleeping breeze .... a beauty in every movement .... as if Love is in the air !!! .... What is this love ? ... What is this dream ? ... What are these feelings of love flooding in ? ... Days have changed, nights have changed ... Conversations have changed .... The way of life have changed !! "
A song was floating in the air as we walked down from Banke Bihari temple at Vrindavan towards the ghats of the Yamuna ... Angel and Aanchal were tripping on the Bhang laddoo prasad from the darshan at Banke Bihari temple and still chanting Radhe Radhe ... The afternoon sun of the Indian month of Phalgun was absolutely incandescent !! ... There was so much light everywhere ... maybe it was the sun ... maybe it was the place ... maybe it was the bhang ... i don't know ... but our hearts and souls were distended with love and curiosity ... i say "distended" and not "filled" because to be filled means you cannot take in anymore .... yet everything and everyone we encountered had a peculiar quality of love and light ... Maybe we were surprised ... roaming around an urban village of Goswamis (Brahmin priests) ... with no cellphones ... no money(though thankfully Aanchal had brilliantly tied a few hundreds to her dupatta end just as a fallback :D, smart girl), ... no Man (this is patriarchal India ;P) escorting us ... just a blue elephant Kaleerey (a dome shaped streamer with tinkling bells tied to a bangle) on Angel and a red one on Aanchal, and my Nikon of course .... yet we did not encounter the beady eyes of city life even once !! ... Everything was so Pakeezah ... that beautiful Urdu word for purity .... In fact looking back i get goosebumps even thinking of coincidences that happen with me ... Angel had rinsed her hair in the temple complex after Bihariji's darshan ... her long curly hair was the popular target of many Holi water guns ... and it dripped in colour any way she moved ... So she washed it under a temple tap ... and in no time her hair dried in all the sunlight into Medusa curls ... I was just thinking of telling her that she looked like Meena Kumari in Pakeezah ... when i heard the song .... "In lamhon ke daaman mein .... Pakeezah se rishte hain .... Koi kalma mohabbat ka .... Dohrate farishte hain ..... Khamosh si hai zameen hairaan sa falak hai .... Ek noor hi noor sa ab aasman talak hai ..... Nagmein hi nagmein hai jagti soti fizaon mein .... Husn hai saari adaon mein .... Ishq hai jaise hawaon mein .... Kaise yeh ishq hai .... Kaisa yeh khwab hai ... Kaise jazbaat ka umda salab hai .... Din badle raatein badli, baatein badli ..... Jeene ke aandaz hi badlein hai" !!! ... Get the Pakeezah connection ? :p  .... This is Part 2 of our #Roadtripping Series 1 ... with The Filmy Owl, Delhi's hottest talent, our favourite doodle artist, aka Angel Bedi !! .... presenting Angel and Aanchal, the Queens of Sass :D

The Filmy Owl Angel Bedi and Delhi Style Blog

"No, no ! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time ! " .... When Lewis Carroll told a story to little Alice once upon a time, rowing down the river on a lazy sunny afternoon .... it resulted in a huge book of many pages ... the Adventures in Wonderland ..... that changed the world ... that changed My world !! .... Thats the thing about adventures .... it changes you .... you are never the same when you come back to where you started ! ... So was our trip to Vrindavan on Holi, with  The Filmy Owl , the alter ego of Angel Bedi, who "aims to doodle quirky smiles across the universe, all the way to infinity" with her brilliant illustrations of life in the Indian capital, Delhi :) ... We at DSB have been thinking about a roadtripping series for long ... the idea is to discover the innate Style Barometer of the hot young creatives we know locally and socially beyond their fame and celebrityhood ... to know and understand their unique worldviews that fuel such brilliant outputs in the field of fashion, art, entertainment and music .... We have been following Angel avidly on Instagram ( 9834 followers) , on Facebook ( 30362 ) as The Filmy Owl and on her personal FB page, and she is just the sort of person you would want to go on an adventure with ... Filmy is local slang for die hard movie fans whose life and vocabulary is peppered with scenes and dialogues from blockbusters and Owl is well, ... an incredibly wise bird by connotation ... Angel is as filmy in real life as her quirky sassy doodle characters .... and as wise as the Owl on the tree who "saw more" and "spoke less" delivering wit in nano bites, enough to sting but with a dash of self deprecating humour !! ... Here is our picturesque account with the very lovable Filmy Owl :)

The Filmy Owl Angel Bedi and Delhi Style Blog
Aanchal Sukhija and Angel Bedi

When Tarun Tahiliani, legendary couturier,  put the White Bindi on his entire crew, runway models and fashion week guests at Day 1 of the recently concluded Lakme Fashion Week 2014 ... it made people curious as it did us !! ... The White Bindi is a symbol of protest against child marriage ... and No Child Brides is an initiative to create widespread awareness of the cause in partnership with the NGO Child Survival India .... The Facebook page of No Child Brides states statistics so chilling that we at DSB was compelled to request our readers to show support for this noble cause ... Consider this !! ... "Did you know 39,000 underage girls are forced to marry everyday …. India has the record of having the highest absolute number of child brides: about 24 million .... This represents 40% of the 60 million world's child marriages! .... Being forced into an early marriage ruthlessly ends any ambition, a young girl can have ... It is the beginning of a slew of problems that make life hell for them ... Getting exposed to domestic violence is just one of them ..... Child brides are 200 % more likely to be subjected to domestic violence .... According to Unicef, 47.3% of Indian girls are married by 18 years of age, and 18% are forcefully wedded by the age of 15 .... These marriages are often performed without the consent of the girls involved in the marriage. .... As long as families, communities and governments tolerate child marriage, motherhood in childhood will remain an everyday occurrence in developing countries, and girls’ basic human rights will continue to be violated .... We just can't accept this status quo anymore ... We must get our next government to make eradicating this social evil, an important part of their development agenda .... We started our campaign by asking women to sport a white bindi and raise awareness about the child marriage problem in India ... And now, thanks to good people like Tarun Tahiliani and his entire crew, our cause has reached the Lakme Fashion Week ... When we went to Tarun Tahiliani and told him about what we are doing, he instantly agreed to support our cause ... He made his entire crew, models and his guests, wear the white bindi ... It caught eyeballs, made the media curious, and most importantly, made everyone at the Lakme Fashion Week aware about the gravity of the child marriage issue in our country ... A lot of people have been asking us "Why the white bindi?" ... Apart from the fact that you will find all sorts of bindis at a bindi shop, but never a white bindi ... We feel its a simple way to stand out and stand up for a cause that really needs us to .... Infants born to child brides are 60% more likely to die in  their  first year !! .... India is home to 1/3rd of all the child brides in the world ... And despite making Child Marriage illegal in 2006, our government has done nothing to enforce these laws .... We think this is an inhumane violation of Human Rights and it’s high time we made our next government pay heed to the gravity of this pandemic."

Jacqueline Fernandez for Tarun Tahiliani LFW 14
Jacqueline Fernandez for Tarun Tahiliani LFW 14

Have you seen the Holi special movie release Gulaab Gang featuring Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla? What a movie !! Though film critics are quick to point out all the imperfections in the story line ... for us Indian Women it is revolutionary on many counts ! ... For the young generation of urban India, for the first time we saw a movie poster with an all female starcast .... with the leading lady and villain, both happily married actresses of Bollywood .... For the first time, the spirit of Holi .... otherwise known as the most colourful festival of India ... was depicted with the colour of women empowerment ... all the colours of a multifaceted Indian woman, not just a cardboard stereotype !! .... No wonder, one of India's leading mall DLF Promenade, chose to have a special screening of the movie for a select group of women achievers, on the occasion of  Women's Day !! ... Here is the link to the movie .... At the cost of giving an opinion against the established film critics ... we loved it !! ... Therefore our style shoot is called Gulaab Gang (gulaab = pink) in deference to the pink saree clad women vigilantes of the movie.
Holi is a spring festival of India, celebrated on the Phalguna Purnima (full moon of the Spring or Vernal Equinox) ... here is the wiki link for our non Indian readers  :) .... As you will read if you follow the link .... there are many stories related to the origin of Holi ... however this is our favourite :
"In Braj region of India, where Lord Krishna grew up, the festival is celebrated for 16 days (until Rangpanchmi) in commemoration of the divine love of Radha for Krishna, a Hindu deity. The festivities officially usher in spring, with Holi celebrated as a festival of love. There is a symbolic myth behind commemorating Krishna as well. Baby Krishna transitioned into his characteristic dark blue skin colour because a she demon Putana, poisoned him with her breast milk. In his youth, Krishna despairs whether fair skinned Radha and other Gopikas (girls) will like him because of his skin colour. His mother, tired of the desperation, asks him to approach Radha and colour her face in any colour he wanted. This he does, and Radha and Krishna became a couple. The playful colouring of the face of Radha has henceforth been commemorated as Holi" !! ..... So therefore this is our first Style post in a series on Holi celebrations, we present the colours of Holi with two mavericks from the Indian shopping scene .... accessories by the Queen of Indian Kitsch - designer Nida Mahmood .... and the most fun fast fashion  brand Forever 21 :)

Gulaab Gang Holi special
DIY Nida Mahmood Matchbox necklace

The Fashion Design Council of India has released the schedule for the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2014 dear readers. The five-day fashion event takes off from March 26-30, 2014 at Hall no. 18, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. This season of WIFW A/W’14 will witness the participation of 119 designers from a mix of leading, as well as upcoming designers from all over the country. As an Indian Fashion Blogger, we are so excited. Here is the the schedule infographic that you can download to your mobile for easy portability, and the official press release from FDCI.

Hall 18 Pragati Maidan Map
Map of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week

It was during fashion legend and couturier Suneet Varma's couture show in 2013 to celebrate 50 years of Judith Leiber (a luxury bag label collaboration) at Delhi's swanky DLF Emporio mall, that i had my first masterclass with the reigning queens of fashion choreography, Aparna Bahl, Tania LeFebvre and Anisha Bahl ... together known as the legendary Preferred Professionals !! ...... There is hardly anyone in the Indian fashion industry that do not know or know about these incredible girls !! .... Consider this .... they have existed as a company for the last 17 years .... almost two decades ... the youngest one of us in DSB is a 20 year old .... which means Aanchal was a 3 year old toddler when Aparna and Tanya set up their business .... prior to that Tania was an established model most famous for the Rayban ads of the nineties .... Aparna was a reputed make up artist ... and Anisha, the kid sister of Aparna, was a college kid with a tape recorder and the knowledge of using a pencil to fix a tape whose reel would get stuck in the player head .... real urban cool people in the nineties India !! ... To have an idea of what the fashion industry was during that time read this excellent article which quotes Suneet Varma and Sunil Sethi, the chief of Fashion Design Council of India.

Preferred Professionals India's best fashion choreographers
Anisha Bahl, Aparna Bahl Bedi, Tania LeFebvre, Preferred Professionals

I don't speak Italian, but i do speak Moschino, said Jeremy Scott's T shirt as he took his final bow for his first runway show for Italian fashion house Moschino .... and he couldn't be more truer ..... Both brand Jeremy Scott and brand Moschino are synonymous with the irreverence of the "talented young at heart" .... and they came together for a collection that was the best of Milan Fashion Week and personally for me, my most favourite collection this season from the circus of the Big Four (of course there is Paris coming up, but till now :) ... Rita Orra and Katy Perry , Jeremy's girl pals were there to lend support in the frow in head to toe Moschino ... oh how i envy them, am in  serious lust over each and every piece from this collection !!

Moschino Autumn Fall Winter 2014

Hello Readers, this is Part 2 of our Forever 21 Fashion review at DLF Promenade Mall at Vasant Kunj, in the first part we showcased the trends Polka Dot, Stripes and Floral , and in this blogpost we are presenting one of the biggest trend this season - the Sporty Cheerleader !! .... This trend is ongoing for a few seasons now .... after all what better outerwear suits our wardrobe than a Varsity jacket borrowed from the guys haha :) ..... The trick is to style the look with our own girly spin to it as seen in the latest couture and fashion week catwalk of Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, Edun, Tom Ford and many more .... overall keep the look less tomboy and more sporty chic !! ... So want to speak fluent gym fashion without a tracksuit ? .... Read on :)

Forever 21 shopping review
Delhi Style Blog

Forever 21 opened at DLF Promenade Mall peeps, the brand with the latest trends at the greatest value !! .... Great news for Delhi shoppers isn't it ? That too right next to Zara, so now on the ground floor we have Forever 21, Zara, Promod, Mango, Bebe, Steve Madden all together and we DSB girls couldn't be happier since Promenade is one of our favourite shopping malls !! .... So off we went to check out our favourite brand in its new location in Vasant Kunj and bring to you dear readers the latest collections curated by Delhi Style Blog !!  .... We had written about the amazing partnership between Forever 21 and DLF Brands  before and it proved to be one of our most popular posts ... Thank you so much for liking our curation and hope you like the looks we styled for ourselves this time too .... We are doing our favourite shopping in a series of posts, and here is our first look :)

Forever 21 India Online
Delhi Style Blog

Imagine a winter wonderland with white glowing trees, shining stars hanging from the ceiling in profusion, models in black top hat and tail coats welcoming you along with tuxedoed penguins and free flowing vino bubbling into frosted flutes as the good life people socialized and danced to the beats of a Parisian DJ Stephane Pompougnac ...... throw in a stellar galaxy of Bollywood and Fashion stars ..... and it was the swishest party Delhi has seen in recent times !! ... The launch of Chandon India's sparkling wines - Chandon Brut and Chandon Brut Rose in Delhi ... was celebrated on an epic scale Ladies and Gentlemen ..... and we the DSB girls were there to help in the celebrations with a phenomenal amount of the Rose sparkling in our veins and smiles heheh :D ..... Do read on to see all the beautiful people we captured for our style files and a short intro note on Sparkling Wines and Chandon India

Chandon India Brut Rose Delhi
Chandon India, Chandon Brut and Chandon Brut Rose

Meet Naomi, aka "The Duchess" from director Martin Scorsese's "The Wolf of Wall Street" starring Leonardo DiCaprio as a modern day Caligula in a saga of greed and excess ..... based on the memoir of real life stockbroker and fraudster of the 1980's and 90's ...... Jordan Belfort !! .... If you have seen the movie already, you will appreciate this post better .... if you have not .... maybe this post will help you appreciate it more sartorially at least :) ..... In a nutshell .... Leo is Jordan Belfort .... a stockbroker whose greed and hedonistic lifestyle and ultimate comeuppance forms the plot of the movie ..... Australian actress Margot Robbie plays Naomi Lapaglia ..... Jordan's second wife ..... who is the hottest thing on the screen since Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct ...... and we have a premonition that by the time the Oscars come around in March, ...... she will have her own Style File in each and every top fashion blog in the world !! ...... Lead star DiCaprio's look in the movie has already been well documented ..... Costume Designer Sandy Powell mostly dressed Leo in Giorgio Armani power suits from the 1990's with gold Rolex and Gucci loafers ..... but what we loved most was Margot Robbie's portrayal of Naomi in 1990's fashion from dresses sourced from that period ..... as a promiscuous, sexy, tight clothes wearing, big hair, false nails Barbie Type husband snatcher ..... to a bored, Brand wearing, nouveau riche trophy wife .... In real life, Margot Robbie is fast becoming a Hollywood fashionista with a personal style to watch out for !!! ..... Check out our own style file of this Australian blonde bombshell !!

Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie

Annaikka by Kanika Saluja is one label that is more in the couture league than Ready To Wear and her Spring Summer 2014 collection is a powerful, sassy take on a woman who is a Dare Devil yet fiercely disciplined .... Edgy yet unapologetically Woman ..... someone comfortable in the limelight yet centred in her own innate awareness !! .... It is really surprising that our Indian Fashionistas (mostly and visibly Bollywood) who wear such stupid fripperies time and again on the Red Carpets have overlooked the language of Kanika's clothes ..... If you gotta make a statement, try Annaikka my beauties !! .... When we saw the clothes for the first time during the fittings, we were bowled over by the attention to detail, the immaculateness of the finish and the strong engineering design construct .... No wonder since the petite Kanika Saluja is a graduate from the Philadelphia College of Textile Design and Engineering .... add to that a family legacy of her parents beading factories of highly skilled craftsmen that did intricate work for legends such as Oleg Cassini and Roberto Cavalli !! ..... With a background like that .... it is very easy to be who she is, in reality too ... An unapologetically confident designer who speaks intelligently about her collection and inspiration in post show Press Meets where most of the Fashion Press meekly listens to what she has to say with respect !!!! .... In fact that is the first thing i noticed about her ..... Such a tiny lady (very petite) but such a tall presence with her long mohawk hairstyle and Samurai self assuredness :D ..... I watch her at Press Meets and grin at the inane questions that come her way from the mostly perplexed uneducated-in-fashion newspeople that our TV and Content channels send to Fashion Week ..... "Is it wearable?" ..... "Is this a metallic trend?" ..... "Are you a feminist?" ...... Hahaha ..... Her frustration with the press is not easily noticeable, but its there :) ..... and she has the stubbornness of brilliance that do not allow her to give trite soundbites or charm the press into giving her glowing reviews ..... Therefore you will not find many write ups about her on the net, and neither does she seem to give a damn about it :D .... If you want Disney Princess prettiness, Annaikka is not for you ..... Annaikka the label is meant for a regal Queen, above comment and criticism ..... who will do as she pleases , no effs given whatsoever !!!!! ..... Presenting the dizzyingly glamorous and powerful "Shivoham" Spring Summer 2014 "!

Annaikka by Kanika Saluja Spring Summer 2014
Annaika by Kanika Saluja SS 14 Shivoham

Hello peeps, yesterday we were invited to a preview of the Spring Summer 2014 collections of Koovs, who are also launching a Menswear segment !! .... Now we in India are quite familiar with Koovs fashion ..... as no doubt they are one of the most stylishly curated online retailers that we have seen in recent times !! .... So off we went, 3 of us .... to see for ourselves the latest that Koovs is going to offer in the coming months ...... And girls being girls, we practically fell over ourselves trying out the sample racks and accessories trays .... Our most favourite was the Melika M collection who is also their in house designer, very sophisticated and city chic .... also London labels Lipsy which is debuting this season along with a big favourite of ours New Look !! .... Read on and see for yourself our favourites from the Preview of Koovs Spring Summer 2014 :)

Koovs shopping Spring Summer

Hello peeps ! Here we are with our second part of 15 Style Tips from Fashion Design Council of India's Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 runway shows .... After a hibernation of three weeks it is good to see you readers checking out our Part 1 of the series we blogged about yesterday .... Thank You !! .... You know blogging is a funny business ..... especially when you blog in your spare time as and when you can .... there are a million ideas and stuff we would love to share with you .... but Life happens .... and you are forever trying to snatch some time out to share your passion .... Most blogs die because Life is unpredictable .... It happens without regard to your to do lists, your me time, your family time, your holiday time .... your blogging schedule goes for a whack and you are left praying that your precious readership do not forget you .... It happens with all personal bloggers .... We are an obsessed lot .... obsessed about exclaiming and oohing and aahing about all the shiny new things we come across ... read about ... experience .... that we MUST share !! .... Its pathological really ... this sharing habit .... on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook .... the communication channels are never enough !! .... and then Bam ! you realise that you must buckle down and have a proper conversation .... through a blogpost .... and capture why things appeal to you ... in a logical sorted way ..... when all the time your mind is still on a fantastic show you saw on FTV, a new hit on YouTube, a Devil wears Prada rerun on TV .... You see .... all Fashion and Style Bloggers are inherently scatterbrained NEW and IT chasing fiends with a death wish to report their visual experiences ... heheheh .... with blatant disregard to why should people read your stuff .... and why should your opinion matter !!! .... But blog we must ... in the search for that Holy Grail of Hope that someone out there reading this will find a similarity with our experiences in discovering a whole new world of fabulous style and fashion !!! .... So here it is, our final part of the 15 Style tips from the fashion shows of Spring Summer 2014 .... you can catch up with   Part 1 here :)

15 Style Tips from FDCI WIFW Spring Summer 2014
15 Style Tips from FDCI WIFW Spring Summer 2014

Before we know it, its another year and Spring Summer 2014 is upon us !! .... A very happy New Year to you peeps !! .... We at DSB had a very lovely vacation, December 2013 was packed with things to do, events to attend and precious family time .... we have been so busy that we put the blog in hibernation .... but before we share with you the wonderful things we saw and chronicled for you in December .... we thought we will bring to you a recap of some of the wonderful trends we picked up from the Fashion Design Council of India's Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 .... which caught our eye and is on our to do list !! .... One benefit of watching Fashion Weeks live is definitely the education that we fashionistas get about how things can be styled and adapted to a general girl's wardrobe ..... coz lets face it ..... we all have our favourite things in our closets which are much loved ..... but too often worn and seen ...... The trick is how to update the old favs with new styling and add a few more priceless classics to see us through spring !! ..... As we girls went through the DSB photo archives of the amazing shows we saw in October at Pragati Maidan .... we decided that the first post of the new year is definitely going to be tips and trends we ourselves implemented in our wardrobes or are planning to in the near future !! .... And what better new year gift can we gift our dear readers than sharing with you our top 15 styling trends we gleaned from the Spring Summer 2014 shows !!!!

15 Style Tips from FDCI WIFW Spring Summer 2014
15 Style Tips from FDCI WIFW Spring Summer 2014

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